Who We Are

Shambhavi Chhugani


“Sometimes you keep a lot to yourself because it’s difficult to find people who understand you.”

Hello Friends,

I have been a healer for the past two decades, dabbling between various life journey’s and to some of the most heart reckoning stories. At every step I see a lot to reach out, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on or a friend, to just share a coffee.

I quiet share a story silently with stories I hear, I connect with each heart wrecking story .. as I have had many trials in my own life .. which is why I say I connect to the stories

This platform is unique and close to my heart. When I decided to hear stories in their truest form, I found out that we all have a corner within us that needs to be heard regardless of being homemaker, a professional or a celebrity.

“Life is literally like a clay, in our hands to mould it the way we want it to.”

In here, I will be featuring stories that touches hearts. It needn’t be a sad journey but it definitely needs to be an “Inspiring One”.

Because of the many roles we play in our lives like a Durga, we truly have journeys to share. “Caught between a strong mind ,and a fragile heart”

There is a lot of conscious effort I have put to stand where I am standing today. Its been a worthwhile journey but definitely not an easy one. But I emerged as a winner.

I have won many awards, been acknowledged at multiple platforms, featured in top magazines and coffee table books. I write blogs, columns and conducts many interesting workshops across the nation. . I have partnered with various celebrities for social causes and have even been a speaker at TedX.

For I believes that “Nothing is impossible. Life is very small and I enjoy every moment without wasting a single minute.”


Latika Srivastava

Lead Content Curator

My humble beginning gave me a concrete foundation.This is exactly how I would define my life. Born in a small town of Assam- Jorhat- I learned some of the best things of my life, most important being the value of education and the bonds of friendship. Daughter of a scientist father and teacher mother, I grew up with an elder brother amidst nature and innocence. All we knew back then was friends like family, friends and a close-knit set of a large society, who despite coming from varied backgrounds and different languages were all one unit.
Even though I came from a family of scientists, lawyers and teachers, I chose my own path. I chose to not study science. My aim was to go to Delhi University and did what it took to reach there. Having studied commerce at DU, I went onto study Public Relations and Corporate Communications from XIC, Mumbai post which I started my professional career in the PR industry. I have worked across industries with some of the best people and on some of the most interesting projects in a timeframe of over a decade. However, the best to have happened to me has been the birth of my daughter. She changed my life and has, ever since, been bringing out the best and the worst of me. Since cute daughters bring so much sunshine, we decided to take the plunge again and recently brought a handsome little guy into this world. Just like every other mother, I am also trying to maintain equilibrium and raise kids to be good human beings.

Pezan Charna

Pezan Charna

Lead Technical Executive

Kunal Kapoor

Food Blogger
Richika Agarwal

Richika Agarwal

Content Writer

An avid reader, passionate about learning new things in life. Founder & CEO of luxury handcrafted bag brand, Shine. A firm believer in gratification and affirmations. I believe in the power of magic, it is surrounded around us and everywhere you just need to open your eyes to see it.