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Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a coined name of the modern day living. Its origin and use of colour as a form of therapy dates back to the ancient therapeutic practices of India, China and Egypt. These ancient techniques have now been adapted to modern day usage in the form of chromotherapy, or Colour Therapy as it is more popularly known.

Colour therapy is a form of vibrational healing therapy that utilises the beneficial effects of different colours to effect healing.

How Does Colour Therapy work?

In order to understand how Colour Therapy works, we need to understand what colour is. Colours is a form of light, which is a form of energy. This energy forms the basis of Colour Therapy.

Different colours are associated with different physical and emotional aspects of the body. When the energy circles of the body are imbalance, it leads to emotional disorders and physical ailments. These imbalances can be corrected by applying the corresponding colour to the affected part. A colour therapist analyses the patient in order to determine the areas of imbalances energy in the body. He or she then applies colour in the form of light, tools, visualisation or verbal suggestions to correct these imbalances.

Colour Therapy may be carried out by placing coloured objects such as silk scarves, solarized water, colour meditation or breathing techniques, or by direct application of coloured light on the affected parts. In addition to direct application of colour to bring about therapeutic relief, a colour therapist will also advise you on the colours to incorporate into your everyday life. In this manner, the beneficial effects of colour therapy are propagated long past the session of treatment is over.

Colour Therapy is a holistic method of healing and as such it may take more than one session to correct all the imbalances in the body. It can also be used to complement the curative powers of normal orthodox therapies or to further enhance the benefits of different alternative therapies.

What Are The Benefits of Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. In addition to curing specific ailments, it also provides healing and succor to the entire metaphysical body. It also promotes health and well-being. There are no known contra indications associated with colour therapy and it can safely be used on infants, children, the aged and the infirm. Due to its non-invasive nature, it is also an excellent supplementary form of treatment for people recovering from post-surgical trauma.

Some Colour Relaxation Tips
There are so many ways you can relax using colour here are a couple of tips.

1. Find some colour marbles or colour candies place them in a bowl in front of you. Gaze at them as you drift  off into a meditative state.

Take deep breaths and release all tension through out your body.

Whenever you find yourself attracted to a colour, at any point that is the colour you need.

2.There is a lot of ways you can use colour for healing purposes. If you have a colourful picture hanging in your home you will be able to gaze upon it and take in all that it has to offer. A picture which has red, yellow, green, red will mean the following, the red stands for the root chakra. And the white for the light that enters into to the crown chakra. The green represents the heart chakra. And the yellow represents the solar plexus. Also it’s represent Purification .You absorb yourself in the colour to get the most benefit out of it.

3.Lights are beautiful displays of colours they may be used as well. If you are looking for an inexpensive use of colour. You might not want to use lights but if you don’t mine investing your money in these wonderful energy bulbs you will be getting both. The colour and the energy that they throw off.

4.Have a nice bath, soak yourself up to the throat chakra. Add any colour salt that relaxes you. This is a wonderful way to detox your body and as your absorbing yourself in your colour soak. Have some nice meditation

Role of Colours in the Therapy

Lets take a close look at the colours now irrespective of the occasion we are getting ready for, whether it’s a date or an interview, think about the impression you want to make. Use this information to plan your wardrobe and achieve the greatest impact. The truth of each colour symbolises potential, the challenges indicate blockage.


Symbolising awakening red means power, energy, and a passion for life. Red is known to heal sexual difficulties and anaemia.

Wear red when:

Your energy is low and you need a boost.• You want to be more assertive and want to make things happen faster.

Do not wear red when:
You are feeling nervous or feeling frustrated and angry with everyone.

Orange :

Is associated with vibrant health. It has the same vibrational frequency as DNA, the template of all human cells. This colour is known to heal shock.

Wear orange when:

You need to heal your emotions.• You want to heighten your creativity.

Do not wear orange when:
• You feel restless or want to take a rest.

Yellow  :

A colour often worn by entertainers, because it makes them stand out in a crowd and confronts the challenge of being center of attention. Yellow is known to heal the digestive tract.

Wear yellow when:

You need to attend to details.• You are studying and need to keep your mind awake.

Do not wear yellow when:
You feel fear.

Green :

Those seeking their own identity, fulfilment of their heart’s desire, and/or are searching for a new direction, are drawn to wear this colour. By doing so they are challenged to find ways of creating their own abundance. Green heals the heart, eases tension, and regenerates cells.

Wear green when:
You want to see things from a different perspective.

Do not wear green when:
You are confused about where life is taking you or you feel your life is stagnant.

Blue :

True blue symbolising devotion to duty worn by most authority figures – nurses, policemen, etc. Anyone who consistently wears blue are deep thinkers and tend to re-energize by seeking their own company above that of others.

Wear blue when:

You want to exude an air of calm authority and you feel the need to be more organised.
Do not wear blue when:
You are feeling isolated or lonely or even depressed.

Violet :

Violet can indicate major change and a need to retreat, as a caterpillar retreats into a cocoon before it transforms into a butterfly.

Wear violet when:

You want to transform something in your life.

Do not wear violet when
You suffer grief but your emotions are blocked.

Pink :

Symbolises unconditional love. Wearing it encourages a sense of affection, increases sensitivity, and challenges you to confront your vulnerability.

Wear pink when:

You want others to love you instantly.

Do not wear pink when:
You feel vulnerable and insecure.

Brown :

Is the symbolism of colour is based in part on the natural world. For instance soil offers some insight into the meaning of brown – needed to grow food, without it we would be challenged to find ways to survive.

Wear brown when:
You need to get down to some hard work.• You want to organise your finances

Do not wear brown when:
You are feeling too bogged down with things.

Turquoise : 

Known to enhance healing of the immune system, useful for illnesses such as AIDS
Wear turquoise when:
You want to tap into your creativity through dance, music, art, etc.

Do not wear turquoise when:
You feel rejected or you don’t want to talk about it!

This was the wonderful word of colours ,come lets embrace them.

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