“Sometimes you have to experience, what you don’t want to in life, to come to a full understanding of what you want.” 
We are all stuck in a situation,which is challenging and scary . Scary because, because we don’t know what lies ahead of us and where are we headed…Everyone was so busy in a rat race, no tine for anything just running around trying to create identifies, go about doing things so that in the virtual space. We could count the number of likes and feel accomplished. The sense of belongingness is eroding depleting from our lives, we don’t wanna acknowledge it,address it hence to avoid it we keep ourselves busy. 
It’s the new coined terminology,being busy . But I hear it as I don’t want to deal with it.Its so important to connect with oneself to see what do we really want. 
Recently history wad created, by over 100 crores people following an energy medicine guidance, to keep negativity at bay. This recent pandemic has suddenly slowed everyone down, locked us up in our homes like s cage ..  The underlining motive is to connect with yourself. 
Did you know what you did on 22nd March and why did you do what you did ? 
We did a few things together. We gathered in huge numbers, with one motive that is to eradicate the menace. We learnt manifestation with conviction of over 100 crore people. We came together at 5pm, the number 5 depicts our five elements bringing together of them. Then period in which it was done, was finishing of a phase and entering of a new phase of prosperity and abundance. At that time Moon is passing to a new ‘nakshatra’ called Revati. This calls on  Amavasya, darkest day in a month. All virus, bacteria and evil forces have maximum potential and power on such days. 5 PM- clapping,  shankh nada etc by 130 crore people at the same time will create so much vibrations that virus will lose all potency.
The Revathi nakshatra, it’s a powerful time we stepped into and lastly the power of attitude n gratitude was intertwined with the whole experience..  I get goose bumps when I tbibk of an atmosphere echoing with shank n thali noise,we stand with folded hands clapping. The gratitude makes it bigger,  and stronger. When we stand create a vibration that these micro organisms cannot stand.
There is a beautiful history and spiritual meaning of the bells,that is associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness. Bells are also associated with clocks, indicating the hour by ringing. … Bells symbolize beginnings and endings. Bells are pious. The cumulative vibration will encourage blood circulation in the body.  
It’s the reason they used to have huge, gong-like bells in old Shakti temples on the mountains. What  a feeling to hear the bells the claps the sound of togetherness the sound of the spirit of Mumbai,indeed commendable.
I had tears in my eyes hearing to this togetherness, we might not know each other but hot connectled in a jiffy. I am sure many of us, connected with this vibration  you must be having the same feeling Salute to all the doctors police govt officials workers etc who are working behind the scenes and making us help to get rid of this pandemic.For once the country united and doing something for mankind’s well being …. caste , creed , religion, status no bar. 
“There is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts.”Keep them calm n keep them positive.

Pic reference : photoxperts.. what an inspiring click ..

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