What do you think is happening to the world around us ….
It’s aligning to a higher frequency, a lot of changes is happening around us. A lot has lost its meaning suddenly. 
Our lives that were buzzing with appointment reminders, we had a list of to dos and errands,or were worried about our status on the virtual space, busy getting ahead in the race. Have all calmed down, everything is so quiet so still do lifeless… Indeed.We were so used to the habit of ignoring and avoiding under the carpet terminology of,”oh am busy” or “oh am stressed”. 
But this is one way of looking at things,while the truth is, it is the turning point of a century,an era has gone by. We are all adjusting to this new energy. Why don’t we make it worth while for us.. 
Seriously,think about it, we are all confined to our homes. A lot of family time but too much of it can also get boring.. Suddenly we have lot of time at hand, and with the restriction of going out. All the corners of our life and our homes are been visited…
It’s important in the process of carving a new future,” we need to declutter what we dint need.” 
In this process a lot of things comes out.. I know we get tight fisted if we have to chuck it. But over the years,with multiple vaastu vists. I have realised one thing,and that is,” discard anything that doesn’t spark you joy.” 

So I have a quick list of things,that can be upcycled and reused…
Let us first bring together all the things that we didn’t need, they then needs to be separated in two in boxes. 
Give aways and upcycled…now let’s look closely on rhe upcycled things.
1. Old Badminton or tennis racket can become a cute photos stand by adding few wooden pegs, it can even become a mirror for the girls room who play the sport. 
2. Old sturdy cartoon and some old ropes. They can be wrapped around the cartoon with the help of an adesive,giviing it s rugged look. This can store books, clothes or some random things..
3. An old looking glass converted,better with the help of some shells .
4. Old ladels n spoons coloured n used as decoration..
5. Old cookery books used as knief  stands , and kept together, for quick access.
6. An old pair of denims cut opened into various small pieces to make a smart bag,which can be decorated with small patches.
7. An old frame reused. If there is some net lying around you can secure it evenly and paint the frame to give it a fresh look.Later it can be used to as a jewellery stand or put pegs to add photos or bills.
8. An old brass object like a bowl ,  old kettle washed cleaned can be used to put potted plants or just as a decorative item in the house.
9. An old canvas board can be redone, by painting it with some random colours  and newspaper cut outs can be used to decorate it..It can further be enhanced by putting some pegs to hang keys or I’d cards.
10. This one is my personal favourite, everytime I discard an old run down piece of garments I remove the stone work or nice buttons from it. It is later recreated on an old lamp shade, a bottle, a frame , embroidery work on a new dress material.
11. Sometimes there is wood work in the house, and we are left with small pieces, it can be recreated by joining them together to create a small book shelf.. 
There is always enough and more to do, in the house. If you have an eye and little patience.Lovely things can be recreated out it. 
Upcycle is not a science, it comes out of carefully willing to manage things that we once cared for.
Go ahead explore your creative side and do send us your images. 
Remember,” Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.”

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Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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