Spice Journey

“Change is the best thing,it brings about new opportunities, new people, new perspective to the given situation”.

Having said that, life is moving in loops, with little respite from the lockdown. I am left with little to recall on the number of lockdows we have witnessed. Only when I step out of the house for the little drives,I see some cars and people and cheer myself up that life is getting back to normal…or perhaps the new normal. But back home, I look at the house and the house looks back at me.. We are happy with each other.. 🙂

We seem to be getting comfortable with each other’s company ,now after looking after each other. It’s not as bad as when we got into lockdown. Now it’s sorted, everything is happening at its own pace, like an invisible machine doing the work.. hahaha that invisible machine is me with the visible presence.

I look outside my window.. I see the sailing clouds… clouds come and go..During these times, I have seen the season are changing , pages of the calendars are flipping over and it’s gonna be festive month soon.. Well, this year there is no luxury of the helps helping clean up.. So I am doing my bit everyday every corner, evey space bit by bit. It will soon be time for my Gannu to come..

It was time to now sort my kitchen and refill the spice jars. Spices have adorned our kitchen since centuries and spices also have immense medicinal powers to heal us.Did you know your kitchen has a full fledged,magical wand like effect just at arms length, and these spices are also used to enhance tastes and flavours and it clears up lot negitivity.. So much our to do with our spices. Come let me take you on Spice Journey, of my kitchen..

Rolling over my spice shelf, I decided to unlock the secrets for the few spices ..

Clove : The properties of the clove, are medicinal which we all know, it not only soothes our throat chakra but also wards of evil spirits.. Which is why in the olden days, people kept it near kids wrapped in a muslin cloth.

Cardamom : One must chew cardamom, is what our elders or grandparents did. Not only it smells nice but the aroma of the cardamom keeps dispute away.. ever got angry or fought with anyone while chewing cardamom …perhaps not.

Bayleaf : Best remedy to ward off evil eyes. Feeling low burn the leave and ensure the aroma cleanses you.

Lavendar : Mood lifter and energizer and the smell is a nerve soother . Induces sleep.. Must be out in the room.

Lemongrass : A twig in your tea opens up blocked chakra and acts as a guide. When we silently seek guidance

Lemon : A lemon in a glass of water absorbs negativity, or curbs and any feeling of paranormal activity.

Tulsi : Is known for its medicinal qualities. It can just be chewed for protection and health benefits or out in the mipping water and mopped, it cleanses our atmosphere

Cinnamon : Used to enhance luck.

Peppercorns : There are used to ward of evil eyes.

Salt : my favourite energy cleanser, I regularly use it to cleanse the energy of my house, add a pinch in the mopping water.

Am sure you will now look at the herbs and spices with a new perspective.. these colourful spices have many secrets stored in them, just like our lives …spicy and hot and aromatic and fragrant..

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