Sign and Signals

Sometimes in the winds of change,we find our true direction. Who expected to witness the making of history, we always read and sometimes felt connected to a chapter of history and slyly expressed a desire to be briefly born in the life of a specific era,to only perhaps witness the goodness.
But signs n signals have a long drawn the law of attraction, the  prayers, manifestation and so on. 
It’s said,in the yesteryears that we needed to do taap to be blessed to ask for our wishes or be blessed. But little did we know, it holds even true in today’s time.Just that the definition has changed.
“We live in a universe that responds to what we believe in.”
In a similar way, our body also responds to our thoughts and patterns Which is why when we fell sick our elders said well .. save your energy and be quiet. All of these instructions had a meaning behind it , exactly in the same manner.Our body also responds to ceratin pent up emotions..
Surprised ! Did you know most of the aliments we suffer today are our pent up emotions.Lets see a quick list of ailments and what do they mean.
Sore throat : There’s somethingyou to need to say to someone,but you’re unwilling or scared to vocalise it.
Knees / Hip Pain : This signifies the fear of moving on.
Neck and Joint Pain : This is the sign of being stubborn or feeling guilty. As neck is a sensitive area and attracts lots of stress.
Sinus problems : Sinus, is related to breathing, when we are in a suppressed realtionship and we tend to suffocate and suffer in silence which is why we have such ailments.
Aching hands :  Hands are an extension of our mind when we think something, our hands do it. Therefore the aching of the hand means, we want to be perfect and not want to make any mistakes.
Bladder problems : This ailment stems out of stress and it signifies anxiousness and can’t let go of any problem holds on to it.
Shoulder Pain : This is a stress point, and when we think too much we tend to stress ourselves.. the stress travells down to neck and shoulder,making it heavy. Shoulder Pain also leads to insomnia.
Liver problems : Anger is the most dangerous emotion as it releases chemical that affects our body and mind. It’s important to keep venting out emotions. It is suppressed anger and jealousy.
Pains on the left side : A problem with a woman leads to the pains on the left side of our body. 
Pain on the right side : This is the opposite, here problem with a male person leads to aches and pains.
Cellulite : This is an expression on a woman’s on woman’s skin. This is a sign of suppressed childhood emotions. 
Headache : Too much of thinking,but unable to either deal with it or express it.
There is a whole long list of ailments that clearly show how our emotions are intertwined with our health.
Mental Health is one such problem that we hear a lot today. We are unable to express ourselves, for the fear of judgement and rejection. Because, in modern world like today, friends and family have little to no time to understand.Hence, we bottle up to a point we start choking ..
You know what’s easy, is to be yourself, express say sorry .. speak your mind.. Because silent tears holds the loudest emotions.
Life is very short to hold on to grudges , but sadly we all know it ,but seldom practice it.
Always remember, “the ones who love you never leave you and even of there are hundreds of reason to move on, they will find to hold on.” 
Hope all of you are safe and indoors.. Spending and creating lots of memories. Remember, this is history being created ! 

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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