“A healthy relationship is one where two independent people make a silent deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.” Isn’t it. .. I know we don’t solemnly pledge, but that’s what we do.
It’s yet another day , another week passes by ..A quiet evening with my cup of chai, some cool breeze over my face..a view of the setting down sun.. tik tok ..tik tok and time is passing by, soon its gonna be normal again. Life will get back to be buzzing. Must be wondering why am i talking about relationships today.. Well for all of you who understand Maslow’s need hierarchy theory this is the third need he specifies, that’s important after basic food and clothes and safety of loved ones. In spite of it being specified as the most crucial need to live, people have always over the years taken this need for granted.
As I blow my 40th year candle, I kind of started looking at this word with a microscope. Over the years its been my strength and weakness both. Strength because I have  the gift of the gab,and I connect not with a person,I connect with the soul. It’s said na a soul ages in experience, while we grow up in age. 
Recently, I was watching a new webseries,on one of the popular apps a story  about four friends. How beautifully shown, the connect the bond the true meaning of a friend, a relationship .. it’s beyond judging.. while I was watching,I perhaps connected to a lot of friends online, every one shared the same thread, of connectivity. But in real life,we are judged so brutally, one mistake n relationship is over as though we all have a stock of a couple of millions of relationship. Forgiveness,acceptance, compassion, doesn’t seem to exist in people’s life..  Sometimes,we feel literally pledging for a call,a message.. It’s not demeaning self worth,it’s accepting to self, that some relationships are beyond the ego fight.Like ,why should I call or nessage first. Hmmm … So many thoughts parallely racing in the mind 
It’s becoming such a cold place, so harsh .. Friends who hug n hang around are suddenly,so busy to call to give you some comfort or acknowledgement,a virtual comfort of  their presence. They say na,when your friends and people care they never make you feel lonely and abandoned.Hmn ..guess it’s mostly used to quote on our social media handles,and get some likes and forget about it. After all,who has the time to live by its words  
 Sometimes we eat n dine like long lost Friends and the next moment,oh am so busy to even answer a call. What’s happening around,I wonder the next demon is being judgmental, and how others experiences become everyone’s business and we proscute the other person, without even being aware of the situation…
Wow !  How educated our we, how empathetic are we… So quick to judge the other person.I often sit, and look around at people their mindset and the relationship, with my work  fortunately am able to a lot of times see through people. So many times, relationships drift away for lack of understanding and by being over critical.
Relationships are unique and are our blessings,as much as we need food clothing shelter,as humans we need to feel loved and belonged. It’s one lifetime, instead of judging people be quick to forgive,to understand be an example that touches a live, changes a live. That’s when we reflect our education, social status,and start becoming empathetic.
“Never leave a true relationship for a few faults, nobody is perfect, nobody is correct, in the end affection is always greater than perfection.”
Don’t we wanna say, with those twinkling eyes,”If only you knew how small things mattered,but we hold back,smile and move on.” Say Kuch nahi.. 
“Sometimes its best not to say anything,than to say how you truly feel and make things worse.”But the problem is this sometime, is every day most of us. 

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