Mental Health

 “People will always notice the change in your attitude towards them. But they will never notice it’s their  behaviour which made you change “

Indeed,we so often loose good relationships for being  over judged, or under the impression of “perception”. Two people have a discord,the one having created the discord goes n spreads rumours and the weak beilieve it, without  a validation of the  reason.

How silly isn’t it ? Did we behave like matured or even as literate … Am sure, a basic display of  their education n family values was not even demonstrated, by the ” matured lots” . Yes ! This is exactly what is happening,today with “age no bar” and “social status no bar” with most relationship’s nowadays being so frivolous n pretentious. It’s  during this lockdown  am  loaded with relationship queries,which it’s insane.

As it is people are scared, add to that a behavioural discord is the least we could expect. I don’t understand this concept of bitching, indeed such a waste of time n energy and it’s such a down trodden way to disgrace self. Indeed ,when we speak ill about someone we don’t speak ill about them, we give our introduction 🙂 remember our elders who mostly kept quiet, during n argument. They displayed a lot of ” maturity” in true sense.

Well so what is Mental Health ✨then ? Why is this term so regularly in use  #mentalhealthawareness has 75,69,811,posts on instagram .isn’t that insane and #mentalhealthillness has 32,15,979 posts . This is one of the trending topics as people want to find a virtual solace.

A lot of reasons prompted me to write on this topic.Being a healer my heart aches to see people breakdown to tears or get into an emotional trauma,just because we didn’t behave well or spoke right and took responsibility of one’s act. Moreover,they remain ignorant and unapologetic of the fact that they could have possibly hurt someone.

I mean, why is there so much of harshness, with ego.How hace we grwon so insensitive suddenly !?

Mental Health is a symptom that appears from  clinical depression,  anxiety,relationship issues , bipolar disorder. Let’s see what causes the mental health problems,that  may arise due to stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, death of a loved one, suicidal thoughts, grief, ADHD addiction,self harm, various moody behaviour or other mental illnesses of varying degrees, as well as learning disorder.

This term wasn’t prevalent till a few years ago,when we were growing up.. or even when we were in college. The only definition known to us commonly was lack of mental balance,which would lead anyone displaying it to an asylum.

This is the residual effect, of “being cool”, coping up with society n self expectations, trying to please everyone,in the bargain they start choking up oneself,because noone values it..just like a champagne bottle.. waiting to pop one day ..  and then there would be tsunami of emotions. Honestly,who is to be blamed, someone who suffered silently to make peace or those who inflicted pain,and wore a cape of ,”I didn’t do anything” !?

So often,my clients tell me,they feel like a pressure cooker, I know how it feels.

While we may find a hundred soothers to distract ourselves and fake us, the root issue is to take ownership of one’s behaviour, not judging relationship’s not abandoning relationship’s just becaue ” one doesn’t need it “.. One moment the relationship was very pally and the next moment m so busy..haha what shallow escapist approach 🙂

In this harsh words we forget to,value relationship’s n use things .. instead we value things n use relationship’s n dump them when they don’t feel the value is felt ..

The deepest pain is felt,when we deny our feelings to make others happy, then the others walk away as though everything was fine It’s about time we look after our friends,instead of burdening them with unwanted opinion be around them.

Happily Matters,”When we ensure our words,acts ,thought n deed doesn’t cause pain to anyone even remotely.” Time to wake up,to smile n make others smile.

Stay safe ..look after each other, please connect with your friends, don’t pretend you are not too busy,to bring s smile on your friends face, and to check in their well being..

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