Life of a healer

As a healer, it’s been 19 years in this space and the one thing I can say that I have had many experiences, that I can write a thesis on this.

A healer is a warm cushion of compassion we want to hold on to tight in our hour of trials n set them free when we start getting our moment of comfort.

A healer is not born but made, they create themselves through conquering adversities..trials.. errors… extreme pain n sufferings.. A healer is someone who conquers fear and finds a way of expression. While doing so their light shines from within for others who have lost faith and are feeling lonely.

After they experience their share of experiences while “growing up”. They have little left with themselves to be understood. Indeed healers are spiritual warriors, and they do help to dispel darkness. They help us to rise from ashes and be reborn with strength and wisdom.. they have experienced loneliness, therefore, they connect to the pain of being denied, they have felt pain, therefore, a story touches their hearts and moistens their eyes.

While we all look up to our healers as being an anchor through our storms, little did we notice that she’s tasted it and is, therefore, is an anchor now? Little do we want to understand that our healers are true warriors, who have mastered pain.

“All along our healers hold the lantern of faith n light with a renewed energy that lights up the path of many who have lost focus.” Sometimes we must pause n stop by to ask our healers how are they instead of expecting them to be around us tirelessly.

Sometimes being around us the best gift.

Life of a healer is often a position of great respect, responsibility, faith and expectations, therefore, we don’t expect them to be anything but low, but we forget they are humans to shouldering huge expectations of many. Our healers too go through a silent tsunami within only to connect with you when you reach out. So once in a while reach out to them, they have indeed evolved souls who have “grown-up ” through many tsunami’s n emerged a winner.

In the words of Maryam Hasnaa,” A healer does not heal you.A healer is someone who holds space for you while U are awakened your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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