Lessons by Bappa

“To learn , what we lack is the awareness and acknowledgement, as lessons we are learning every day”

It’s been a beautiful 10 days, with Bappa in the house. This is one festival I look forward every year, my preparations for  bringing home my Gannu starts from June – July. The feeling of festivities sets in, I get boosted with the extra horse power, handle everything single handedly year after year. 
This beautiful festival brings home my friends from far or long forgotten friends. Every year I start with the preparations are neatly divided into various sections. My return gift hunt n guest lists  starts talking shape. Excitement kicks in…
There’s so much I do in this festival,infact I pour my heart out every year . The joy of bringing him, the chants,the puja the bhoj it’s so fulfilling. This year I kept Bappa at home for the entire Chaturthi, honestly I don’t know how did I handle but everyone who came or connected on video call from different countries loved the vibes, the feeling of festivities so fulfilling and then after that we see him off with a heavy heart. 
When maa parvati incarnated Bal Ganesh, in the little boy she incarnated a feeling of belongingness,a togetherness which we all miss in this big busy world. The gods also missed it, in their era. Hence,Bappa was incarnated to fill in all void. Similarly in our lives, we often do so much for people in our lives, give them the respect,treat them well, look after them and then one fine day. They just disappear. Sometimes they disappear on people who wouldn’t have ever given up on them. 
But then karma comes in to day, this is what we deserved and the people’s tenure gets defined. Sometimes, it may take the longest time to walk the shortest distance.
Every year, Bappa comes with much grace and gratitude and while he leaves we get our lessons.The act of visarjan teaches us no matter what and how much we love one fine it’s all gone,so there’s nothing permanent everything is very temporary. Let’s live in the moment and the moment…
Bappa Morya 🌺 Come back soon we miss you.

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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