Evil Eyes

Happiness is a nine letter word, but come to think of it, our entire life revolves around this nine letter word. This word defines our existence,isn’t it ?  If we are not happy, we are not living right. So, many theories defined by the way we live, and what’s the right way. But do you know that there is no, one right way to live.Because our happiness is dependent upon a lot of times on our minds and our minds pick up emotions,and energies which is a by product of many experiences. 
Amongst these myths and theories, there is something we like to agree to disagree with.Which is an unknown and unseen energy, that’s dense and harsh in nature.
The concept of evil eyes has been prevalent for centuries, almost about couple of thousands years old, some even say about 5000..But there are many beliefs, let’s understand it’s been their since mankind strarted evolution to groups, and it started growing..
We have known of its existence, accross many cultures and religions and each of them treat it in their own way. Many discard their knowledge for sheer ignorance, and shun away saying nothing happens.But little do they know ,it’s very harmful. For those believing in science, it is  explained, as the flow of negativity that affects a person or an object towards which it is guided. 
In the Hindu tradition many simple solutions are followed to ensure that one is cleansed from time to time. While some believe in the salt and rai ritual ,others profess to burn chillies and rai some even do a kapoor ritual as well. All to attain cleansing of these harsh energies.
Children and pregnant women are evey substible to such harsh energies. They must be constantly protected, tieing of a black thread is a way to deflect the energy. There are many amulets now that are used to deflect evil eye. It’s even become part of fashion to include it on a daily basis.
In a world wherein we, live for social acceptance more, and we let everyone have a sneek peep into our world, allowing them to be jealous and envious. It’s important to maintain a private life, than make everything public.Come to think of it, we are so alone from inside, that we need a support on virtual company more that people around us .
Our gut, our instincts are like the antena in the body they pick up the unspoken vibes. So a golden rule is to seriously follow our heart, never disregard your instincts, if something deep inside you tells you something or someone is not right,hear it. It’s universes way of sending warning signs. 
Some simple ways to cleanse are salt mops, listening to hanuman chalisa..some hang green chillies, while some hang coconut. There are many beliefs around it. They feel safe and like to believe that they absorb the evil eyes. 

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