Top 5 trends that are making living through the pandemic easier

COVID has certainly changed the way we look at life, relationships, work, happiness, et al. It has left us all in a whirlpool of emotions which are, either led by strategy or mood. Why mood? Because we may be in a happy mood one moment and take on work like a ninja, while stress could lead to grumpiness. Strategy, on the other hand, helps create a systematic work environment.

The pandemic has definitely bought families together but has also divided them into rooms. If in one room there is an office call happening, in the other a school class takes place. With doors closed to avoid a cacophony of sounds, people, despite being together meet mostly at dinner tables only. But, thank god for the weekends. I have noticed that, on my feed, maximum Facebook and Insta stories updates happen from Friday evening to Sunday night. These updates are mostly about food, games, and binge-worthy shows. And it’s all so interesting. With people cooking gourmet food to playing virtual games with family and friends, life has become simpler and cozier with everyone together, despite the distance. This living-through-the-pandemic is happening seamlessly thanks to a few trends which have bought positivity in almost everyone’s life. The top 5 leading trends of the lockdown are:

1. Technology – Had it not been for the internet and various avatars of technology, this lockdown would have become seriously depressing. It has not only made lives simpler but has also helped families and friends stay connected. Not to forget, keeping children occupied either with school or numerous classes or online games. Even though screen time is a debatable issue, but the rise in the number of online apps for home learning is a boon for parents. E-books, drawing and art classes, and cookery videos are some of the most trending things these days.

2. Home cooking – Satiating the desires of the evil tongue, which craves delicious food round the clock is one of the most done things of lockdown. Home cooks have become chefs of par excellence, and those who could not even boil water to save their lives have become home cooks. As always, food has kept people together because nothing has ever come closer to nirvana than a good hearty meal, a small dessert, or that beautiful glass of drink. And, since the lockdown has kept people vary of ordering from a commercial kitchen, everyone has made their kitchens their paradise.

3. Online games – Who would have thought that Ludo would become an addiction for an adult. Thanks to Coronavirus, friends, and families have once again come together to enjoy board games, albeit virtually. Ludo, Teen Patti Poker, Housie, PUBG, Online Cricket are some of the most played online games these days. Playing these games not only helps to destress but also adds a happiness quotient in otherwise busy lives. I, personally, have been playing Housie even though have not won a single rupee. But hey, it’s all for fun.

4. Work from home – I remember there was a time when these three letters – WFH – used to bring a sense of excitement and relief to many. Although some organizations have always been pretty cool about working from home, some businesses could not function remotely. All thanks to COVID, everyone started working from home. Of course, this has caused immense loss to the global economy, thousands have lost

jobs, many have shut shops, but if the pandemic is here to stay, then WFH is as well. Most people now prefer this mode of working as its safer, saves time, allows more family time, and even allows some me time for most.

5. Online shopping – Those who used to be scared of swiping their cards for online shopping have now become comfortable with this new system. And the best part is that there is a noticeable shift in the shopping trend. From ‘Made in China’ now people want to buy ‘Made in India’ products. Sadly, it took one pandemic to change our approach. But if this becomes successful, it will be such a boon for our culture and economy. It will be a game-changer.

So, the pandemic has not been all that bad after all. There is a silver lining everywhere, always.

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