5 series to watch as you fight boredom due to #Coronavirus

Getting bored being stuck at home due to #CoronaVirus? No doubt, it is one of the most difficult phases of our times. How much soever, the work-from-home mail from office might have sounded like a mini-vacation, it will soon turn into a rabbit hole that no one wants to explore.

But we are stuck! Aren’t we? The fear of catching an infection and being quarantined is eating into the mind space. To top it, WhatsApp messages, Facebook updates, and Google alerts are all creating anxiety and panic. So, what can we do to stay sane in these testing times? Of course, catching up with friends (fewer the better) is the best and also doing household chores which we had almost given up like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. You can even try making the coffee that you like in a café or read the book that has been lying on the bedside table for days and months. But nothing will come closer to watching tv. You can stay at home, sans any outside contact and lean on Prime and Netflix a bit more than usual.

We highly recommend watching these 5 series to kill the daily boredom.

The Good Wife – This series is for those who enjoy watching courtroom drama. But the story revolves around the wife of the state attorney who goes to jail because of infidelity and corruption. Alicia Florrick, despite being cheated, stands by her husband, helps him get out of jail, gets back to work after 13 years to support her children, and takes charge of her life and career. It’s a sweet show that will keep you engrossed one episode after another. 

Marvellous Mrs Maisel – One series on Prime which will give you the empowered feel because of this one lady who stands for herself. Midge Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan, is the perfect Upper West Side housewife who, having found about her husband’s affair with his secretary, stops trying to facilitate his already-failing stand-up comedy career. She, instead, starts one of her own. She talks about her life and shares anecdotes that make people roll, despite some aspects being painful. Her struggle to make ends meet, for herself and her two children is heart-warming. And does this make her husband jealous? Very! Go watch. 

The Spy – It’s a true story about a clerk-turned-secret agent set in the 1960s in Israel. The protagonist, Eli Cohen goes undercover in Syria on a secret mission to spy for Mossad – the national intelligence agency of Israel. A suspenseful show that keeps you on the edge throughout. You will want to binge-watch this.

Wild Wild Country – This is an eye-opener. A true story about how guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s (a.k.a Osho) aide Maa Anand Sheela causes tremor in India with illegal activities and relocates his ashram from India to Oregon, in the US, in 1981. It is a docuseries that chronicles the conflict caused in America and the war that takes place. The series has only six episodes but will make you think about why do people follow these gurus and what happens in the background.

The Family Man – Are you a fan of Manoj Vajpayee? I am. And you will become one (if not yet) after you watch The Family Man on prime. It is a funny, edgy, action-drama-spy series where Vajpayee plays the role of a middle-class man who is a spy. The way he tries to balance his familial responsibilities with the demands of the highly secretive special cell of the National Intelligence Agency that he is working for is interesting. All the characters do total justice to the show. I am eagerly waiting for the second season.

There are numerous shows which we can talk about, but these are a must-watch for the little drama, little action, some sweetness, honesty, bickering, and all the real emotions that each successfully portrays. So, don’t let #coronavirus get to you. Rather watch these shows.

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Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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