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“Tarot is a language. If you understand this language, the universe speaks to you”.
Shambhavi Chhugani is a celebrity Tarot Card Reader, a life enhancement coach and a colour therapist who started her journey 20 years ago. she stumbled upon tarot cards while in college but has had a deep connection with the world of spirituality since the beginning. In the initial years of learning, she would study Tarot on weekends and whenever she would get time from her college and office thereafter. Her passion for Tarot was so strong that she quit her corporate career after 12 years and started her entrepreneurial journey.
Shambhavi has only been growing in her field since then and has been constantly evolving her knowledge domain. Apart from Tarot, she also does handwriting analysis, Vaastu, healing through art and is a motivational and corporate speaker. She also helps people with speech issues. She partners with various celebrities for social causes and has even been a speaker at TedX.
Among the many trials that life gave her, she emerged a winner. She has won many awards, been acknowledged at multiple platforms, featured in top magazines and coffee table books. Shambhavi also writes her own column and conducts many interesting workshops across the nation.
She believes that “Nothing is impossible. Life is very small and I enjoy every moment without wasting a single minute.”