Psychology of Colours

In the words of Kandinsky,” Colour is a power which directly,influences the soul.”
When earth was formed millions of years ago, was existed on the planet earth was colours in abundance. When we look around us,what is the one thing that catches our attention ? COLOURS ! The moment we look at something what registers in our mind is the colours in various hues. 
Have you ever imagined life without colours ? Waking up to a dark sky, no good morning sun, a black n white newspaper .. what would it feel like, dull isn’t it ? Colours form a very important part of our daily life, as it has many roles to play.
Talking about of psychology of colours,did we know that every colour has a vibration and can affect us hugely. 
If you didn’t know,many a times wearing the right color can make things work for you. Like wearing the right color on each day of the week, or wearing the right colour for an interview. Colours also impact our moods and energy level. In my many workshops,the focus has always been to educate one about the various colour and it’s uses.. Sometimes, how we feel is also dependent on what we wear, the colours we use in the house determines our moods, our behaviour, a brief chart below helps you understand.
Our entire psychology is being guided by colours. Taking a short tour to the world of colours helps you understand it’s true importance. 

Red :
Symbolising awakening red means power, energy, and a passion for life. Red is known to heal sexual difficulties and anaemia.
Wear red when:
Your energy is low and you need a boost.• You want to be more assertive and want to make things happen faster.
Do not wear red when:You are feeling nervous or feeling frustrated and angry with everyone.
Orange :
Is associated with vibrant health. It has the same vibrational frequency as DNA, the template of all human cells. This colour is known to heal shock.
Wear orange when:
You need to heal your emotions.• You want to heighten your creativity.
Do not wear orange when:• You feel restless or want to take a rest.
Yellow  :
A colour often worn by entertainers, because it makes them stand out in a crowd and confronts the challenge of being center of attention. Yellow is known to heal the digestive tract.
Wear yellow when:
You need to attend to details.• You are studying and need to keep your mind awake.
Do not wear yellow when:You feel fear.
Green :
Those seeking their own identity, fulfilment of their heart’s desire, and/or are searching for a new direction, are drawn to wear this colour. By doing so they are challenged to find ways of creating their own abundance. Green heals the heart, eases tension, and regenerates cells.
Wear green when:You want to see things from a different perspective.
Do not wear green when:You are confused about where life is taking you or you feel your life is stagnant.
This was a short glimpse of the few colours and their psychology, and how they affect us. In a world of a full of colours.
So the next time you either feel crazy or want to attract something you know what’s your trigger point.. Go ahead use the colours to soak your soul.
And remember “Colours speak louder than words,” Wishing readers a very happy Holi !

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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