Prediction from 16th May – 22nd May

Shambhavi is a seasoned celebrity tarot reader for a two-plus decade now. In her journey so far she has healed thousands of lives. She is extremely experienced and well versed in her subject. The weekly prediction will involve, guidance from the various modalities she practices. She is a recipient of 20 plus awards and been extensively featured in social media. She has been featured in the countries top magazines like Elle, Femina, Cosmopolitan, and been featured over 30 online portals for an interview. Thousands of testimonials adorn her. We welcome this positive soul to our community to heal us.

1.Aries: The ram or the first sign of the zodiac is the leader. Just like the firstborns. After the super moon, there has been a lot of significant changes coming. People in relationships will see the difference. Careers will look up. Just before the world starts opening up. It’s time to look back and clear the pending work, get your routine and house on track. It’s time to clear up your cupboards.

2.Taurus: The bull, going ahead with full force as the moon was in Taurus. There is an overflow of love and romance. But be very careful not to hurt anyone remotely by mistake. You often face consequences due to your bullish nature. Being stubborn doesn’t help, always. Don’t hurt people because of the ‘me-first attitude. Can expect new surprises coming your way, which can be both positive and negative.

3.Gemini: The duality, is the strength and your weakness. The planetary alignments in the past made you suffer, now slow its calming down. Enjoy your own company. Things were falling apart some time ago. Health, Finances, and relationships were a big cause of concern. Slowly things are coming to be normal and then good. It’s good news for those single or seeking a relationship.

4.Cancer: The recent moon has a good sign on the Cancerian or water sign when the moon brings much-needed peace and rewards for all the hard work. You’re suggested to avoid arrogance and ego in personal life. You may be able to make quick decisions in terms of business.

5.Leo: The changes in the cosmic world, affects you as well. The moon continues to play on you and the lion goes a long way. The mood is mixed at the start of the week will be low and lazy along with the heat in various parts of the world getting on you. This week you can be irritable. Soon some very pending wish will be fulfilled. You are advised to take a break, go slow avoid investment. Long walks, meditation is advised.

6.Virgo: It’s a week to enjoy and let go. Take it easy, being a perfectionist, you would want to do everything perfectly. However, the moon phases, makes you very emotional with fluctuating mood swings. Along with that the romantic side of yours will see fluctuations.

7.Libra: This is the week to use your balancing skill and a calm demeanour in tackling things. You will be more of a daydreamer. A Libran truly knows how to manage him/herself in these moon phases. They stay balance. Finances will be a bit of a concern for yet another week. Investment of any kind is not advised. Good time for students to stay focused. Work promotion or appreciation can be seen.

8.Scorpio: Off late due to cosmic arrangements, you have been feeling very uneasy about the past when people have let you down. But, whole new energy awaits. The moon can unfold blessings, you’ll expect mixed results. You’ll gain more intellectual knowledge. Overall a good week. Job seekers get very good news. The week will unfold blessings you’ll expect mixed results.

9.Sagittarius: The start of the week will make you very uneasy. The negative moon that affected your psychic, in the last’s the highlight of the week. But after the 12th, things will change. Students need to concentrate, as a distraction will cause failure. Which will bring about hurt and pain. Time to focus at work or at homebound business.

10.Capricorn: You may face anxiety, restlessness and nervousness. It’s suggested to take care of your parents’ health. Property related investment can doubtlessly convert into losses. Channelise your kid’s energy kids and yourself, this is the time to meditate.

11.Aquarius: The moon continues to make you uneasy and restless. Being hot-headed, don’t hurt anyone. Watch out for some health-related symptoms. The health of kids or family member can be a concern. It’s important to be compassionate. Don’t turn your good karmas against yourself.

12.Pisces: Moon phases affect the water signs the most. So the Pisces specifies fish and restlessness. Hence, the entire mood will be u easy from 10th till 12th. Mostly, stress will peak up then slowly come down. Meditate, near a water body or some water around. Important decisions can be postponed.

General Guidance: Manifest, lie low and enjoy this phase of life as well. Value your loved ones.

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