Cut the Clutter

This is today by far one of the most trending topics of discussion at most girly meet ups or a kitty.. and we try and palm of the blame to a maid not coming in time to help or we being busy,well to me it’s an empty word, it’s a word of avoidance being unclear. 
Decluttering is about removing the things we don’t want. It is the physical manifestation of the things we don’t want and of many unwanted decision.
In the words of Peter Walsh,” Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor- it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”
In my journey of healing lives, so often i have visited homes for Vaastu wherein I have heard people say, I have this , just incase I need it. Though we would want the life to be beautiful.,but it’s not always possible to stick up things for tomorrow or a situation,”just incase”.
One thing about clutter is that everything you keep around you will affect your energy so never underestimate the power of letting go of the things you don’t need.
Today instead of giving more insight on what Clutter is, I will share some handy tips on how to deal with clutter inspire of having a busy schedule..
So we start with the most frequented room of the house, from a corner. We take an empty box to being with put some nice music to keep stress at bay and hydrate ourselves. Then every item then gets scrutised.. sometime some articles are nice but we don’t need it, for lack of giving option we keep it back, this time we ensure this lands itself in the box to be cleaned and given away. Likewise we look into every item. Soon the place and selves start to breathe. There is space and enough space for energy to flow. 
In situations of clearing our closet, one rule must be applied is that first in and last out.Also the purpose of the clothes is to accentuate ones beauty. Therefore anything that doesn’t contribute must only stay. Also clothes have a revelation with memories, and feelings.Sometimes clearing them also means clearing some old bagages. 
Magazines and books also is quiet often stored in the corners of the room or a bookshelf. They depict knowledge,but a dusty bookshelf denotes lethargy, disrespect for knowledge. It gives out a message of highheadedness. Knowledge nmust always be shared, hence it must be circulated. Sometimes a book or magazine sits in our book shelf for days months, we have a perception we will read it but never even land up opening it. 
Over the years, in my counseling I have often said, “If you don’t use it, need it, or love it,it’s clutter.”A clutter is a state of stagnation. It’s in physical and and in virtual form as well.  
Sometimes draining relationship is a clutter on the psychological being, as well. Which needs to  be managed from time to time ..
If by now you have identified your clutter spots, then you have hit the nail on it’s head and the sooner you clear clutter around you, abundance is ready to walk into your life. Keep any resistance or negativity at bay. The next time u wanna hold back,think ..
Why do you need or what stops you from giving it away.. Sometimes instrospection goes a long way in answering some elementary questions.. and keeps clutter at bay.

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