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Have you tried the Godfather of burgers yet?

Howra, Bandra, is basically a small flat turned into a Cafe or precisely a burger joint. Small place with good seating options. We ordered the mammoth The Godfather burger, Bab-dee and El Suarez to end with Deep Fried Oreos.

The Godfather burger is one of the biggest available in town. 3 huge patty with onion rings and an egg, is enough to keep you full whole day. However, we weren’t so brave, so we shared among 3 of us.

Bab- dee was again with the same patty as Godfather but with sauce overloaded and i guess they even put green chutney in it to make it even more spicy. That’s burger made me felt as if I’m having a sauce burger cz the intensity of the sauces had overpowered the burger patty and you couldn’t get the taste of the meat. I would have loved if the patty would have been Spicy.

El Suarez was good. I loved the patty and the simplicity if this burger. Maybe after having so much of spicy food this simple yet delicious burger calmed down my flamy taste buds.

Deep fried Oreo was one of its kind, I mean who could have imagined a fired biscuit. But it was good. Oreo wrapped in Milkmaid and topped with it was really good. Nice concept I must say.

Verdict: If you like Burgers or even for some food adventure then you should definitely try out this place. Godfather burger is must order. One should easily suffice two people. Food quantity and quality is good. Value for money place.

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