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The crusader of storytelling

Mehak Mirza Prabhu is a passionate storyteller and writer who thinks and thrives on stories and creates fictional tales in Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and English languages. Belonging to the cosmopolitan capital of India, Mumbai, Mehak discovered her love for storytelling at the age of 33 and repents not doing it earlier.

Without any education or background in story writing, voiceovers or theatres, Mehak started storytelling, pushing her boundaries for the love for imaginary characters. She started an online storytelling school – Jhumritalaiya – where she teaches the art of merging classic storytelling forms with modern reforms. Mehak believes that if she could do it, then every person who loves storytelling should do it too. And to make the process seamless, she has created modules that simplify the art and shares it with people through offline workshops and one-on-one online sessions.

With Jhumritalaiya, Mehak has created a community of writers, theatre artists, and amateurs who work together to keep the art of storytelling alive. They showcase original tales in modern form, making it relevant to today’s audience.

Till date, Mehak has mentored over 600 students and preaches the saying – Don’t impress. Do express. She is a great believer in the power of women and thinks that women are great storytellers because fictional narration gives them a stage to express without being judged.

Along with being a blogger, scriptwriter, social reform enthusiast, motivational speaker on TEDx and Josh Talks, Mehak is also an expert in audio-visual storytelling through voice modulations.

With her community of storytellers, Mehak has brought a new perspective to the world of tales and characters. She is today a source of inspiration for budding storytellers and her online pathshala, Jhumritalaiya, gives a platform to perform and express to many.

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