Awe and admiration-Sandhya Shetty

Awe and admiration are the two words that come to mind as one deconstructs Sandhya Shetty. A well-known face on the fashion circuit, a TV presenter par excellence, an actor – Sandhya is not just a pretty face. She owes her success to her single-minded focus on being a true role model to the arts and the various avatars she so effortlessly juggles in her career

Her journey in the glamour world started as a runway model. In fact, her first professional show was with the famous fashion designer Rocky S and choreographer Achala Sachdev. There was no looking back after that, modelling saw her successfully walk the ramp for over a 1000 fashion shows. Interestingly, Sandhya participated in the same batch of Miss India as Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lara Dutta and Diya Mirza. An optimist by nature, Sandhya enjoyed her journey as a model and made the best of the ups and downs that are part and parcel of the glamour world. She remained true to herself by being the perfect brand ambassador for the fashion industry. As a model being body beautiful was not something she took for granted, physical fitness has been her passion and she takes great pride in it. The proof lies in the Commonwealth gold medal that this beauty queen won for India in Karate!!! Yes, this lady cannot be messed with, she means business. In her words,” As a woman, beauty and brains is a matter of fact as a compliment but when someone adds to the brawn element of my personality I feel great pride”.

And her accolades so far were just the tip of the iceberg, Sandhya wasn’t done yet. She went onto becoming a comp `ere for various multinational brands and corporate shows. Besides hosting she also featured in multiple music videos for the likes of Asha Bhosle and Sukhwinder Singh. No, she wasn’t done as yet. She went on to do small parts in films like KAAL (with Bengali film director Bappaditya Bandhopadhyay) and ‘Bus yun hi’ with Nandita Das and Purab Kohli. She is most proud of the title song that she did for director Priyadarshans film ‘Nimir’.

So what keeps this superwoman balanced and handle her hectic life with so much ease. According to Sandhya, her parents are her sole inspiration and spirituality her guiding light. She says,” My heart rules my head and it decides with very strong conviction and passion to do good and that never fails me”.
Being a self-made career woman, she believes in empowering women around her too. She believes that women can shape their destiny and that underprivileged women should be empowered through education to be made financially independent.

Well -more power to you –Ms Sandhya Shetty. May you continue to grow and inspire. And your journey so far is any measurement of the woman you are, then clearly there are many more feathers waiting to be added to your cap.

Shikha Paliwal
A Freelance Journalist who truly believes that 'we are the change we want to see in the world'.

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