Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak – Sandali Sinha Salarkar

Sandali Sinha Salarkar, is one of the most adored faces of the bollywood. The innocence of the heart is so beautifully expressed on the face. Who would forget this beautiful actress of the lovely film “Tum Bin”where she made her debut entry in 2001.It created storm then.. stole millions of hearts.
Talking to this beautiful soul, Woman of Substance discovered some lovely learnings from her life.

We often say, a calm mind has a calm soul, well she is every bit of a reflection of a calm demeanor. Her childhood was spent amidst family and friends. She loved spending time with herself, had simple hobbies was an avid reader. Coming from the defence background,her life was very disciplined.
She was the daughter of the Airforce Officer so discipline was part of her formative years. Which later became a part of her life.

While she was growing up, she lost her dad at a young age. Her mum raised the three kids to be independent and successful, each of them doing well in their choosen field. Since there were, three siblings she was brought up very independent. Her mum ensured while they were independent, basic values were intact like having family meals which bonded the kids.

Being a Delhi girl and a commerce graduate. She moved to Mumbai for the love towards fashion and better prospects. It seemed life was waiting for her to take his move. She did a lot of advertisements with big brands before her Dewaana video , the most famous being Pepsi with Shah Rukh Khan amongst others were Lakme , Ponds , Clinic , Debeers , Cadbury , Fair & Lovely , Sunsilk and many more. That’s when Anubhavs wife Ratna spotted her.

Her fame came to her from the much loved music video of Sonu Nigam, called “Deewana”.Which eventually was instrumental in getting her first memorable break with Anubhav Sinha’s film Tum Bin. After that she did a total of 6 films some of them were with industry veteran like Amitabh Bachchan.

Life was one big upswing from here, she met her husband Kiran in 2005,with a few months of courtship they decided to tie knots.Today she is blessed with two lovely boys.Aryan and Arjun.
Life once again took her away from the glamour world to be a full time mum.

After a few years when kids were old enough, she joined her husband’s venture COO – Country of Origin and took charge of the hampers and gifting section which is one of the main sections at COO and brand presentation. There’s also a spa she owns and looks after called the Bambuq Spa.

There were many speculations about being away from the glamour world, but she had her own agenda. And now after a long time she has done advertisements based on her comfort level as it doesn’t require much commitment and time , which she is pressed for.

Talking to Woman of Substance, when asked what is a word of encouragement for the readers, with a pause she says,” Be independent,invest in some talent and in yourself so that if life is tough, you can start in life.”

She believes in one quote, “This too shall pass”.

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