Karmaniye vadikarasthe ma faleshu kadachan – Sukanya Iyer

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty. – Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47

On this beautiful verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, I got introduced to wonderful  – Dr Sukanya Iyer. After a long time, I have come across someone who’s so willing to help people. Talking to her during the sundown a few days ago,I gathered so many sides of this very determined, passionate, warm loving and extremely well-educated ladies.

I was spellbound to gather facts about her educational qualifications, among her various educational laurels were her  PhD in International Economics from Washington DC in 2000. She was a teacher and dabbling in multiple subjects, teaching management, economics, personality development, mentoring underprivileged entrepreneurs, doing pro-bono work for NGOs. This wouldn’t have been possible without a seasoned childhood.

Talking about childhood, Dr Iyer recalls fondly says that her mother was her first teacher and mentor making a mention of having being grown up in an urban middle-class Brahmin home. Warmly remembers her mum being a strict disciplinarian. Early to bed early to rise. She spoke with immense high regards towards her parents, and the values that are instilled in her. Her father was mostly away as he was a civil engineer, created some very iconic landmarks for our country one among them being Lakshman jhula. She spent most of her formative years while growing up with her mother. She recalls many moments fondly. An extremely humble person at heart, she says she’s a drop in the ocean.

She is extremely qualified and well versed in Sanskrit, as most of the verses are at the fingertips of her’s. She gathers strength from the words and teachings of Great Swami Vivekananda. She says life is all about experiential learning. Travelled in the early years, she warmly recalls how each and every incident and destination has carved a niche in her life. How they have beautifully given her a new perspective. This created her love for the blog.

As time went by and the sky was beginning to get dark, with a warm breeze the discussion just got a little interesting. Having being comfortable with each other’s virtual company, we set out to speak about a lot of things. Something that connected me as a healer and she was as an empowered soul, was the fact that we believed in “seva bhav”.For the last 18 years, she’s been associated with the CII for mentoring underprivileged children and associated with the Bharti Yuva Seva.  She very strongly professes to the young generation, that the essence of education is very important, it eliminates darkness. Stressing on childhood, she pauses to express our kids are drawn towards a toxic atmosphere. Instead, they must invest in themselves – read and learn a lot, reworking and realigning themselves. ” Action Speaks Louder than Words”.

Today she’s able to achieve so much in life and keep a low profile today, as she strongly believes in working hard. Her father instilled many values in her which forms her foundation. Having lost her father to cancer last year, she misses him. Something she learnt as she was growing up, to spend quality time in the lap of nature she used it in her moments of stillness. She strongly feels her dad overlooks her as her guardian angel.

As we were nearing the closure of our discussion, I asked Dr Iyer her one word ..

She beautifully says,” Nari tu Narayani”
She says that is me in various avatars and super seeding in each. A true woman is a Durga a shakti in her true form.

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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