Woman Of Substance

Woman Of Substance

“Just ride. Nothing more. Nothing less” – Shilpa Balakrishnan

Shilpa is a passionate motorcyclist famously known for her solo trip across India. Coming from a simple background, Shilpa is a girl next door bit by the travel bug. Her biking journey is an ode to her passion for travel and adventure which was hidden until she found love in biking.Shilpa’s stint with bikes started when her friend bought one and decided to take her for a ride. After multiple attempts to learn to ride the beast, she had almost given up when she decided to do otherwise. She took it as a challenge. Bought a bike for herself and decided to do the office to home, home to office route to get hands-on with her machine. Once she got comfortable, it was just impossible for her to keep her hands off her bike. She had fallen in love with the bike and biking.

Soon Shilpa started going on biking trips with friends. It had become her passion and she would dream of travelling around the world on her bike. Biking gave her new confidence, one which gave her the courage to quit her corporate job and take up biking full time. She would write blogs and articles educating people about bikes and how to chose the right one. She emphasises on the fact that while buying a bike, one must test drive all bikes but buy only after considering things like maintenance, mileage, wears and tear replacements, quality of the engine, etc.


Shilpa is also very particular about safety. She says, “My head is more important than style. If I live, I can enjoy my life to its fullest and my helmet helps me do so.”

Today Shilpa is an influencer; an inspiration to many girls who only dream of riding a bike. Her solo trip across 29 states and 5 union territories is her most memorable trip, of which she has innumerable incidents and stories to share

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