From getting inspired to being an inspiration – Pinky P Rajgarhia

“Crowns are not made of rhinestones; they are made of hard work, determination and a hard to find alloy called courage.” Gleams the multiple award winner, entrepreneur and child psychologist Mrs Pinky Rajgarhia.

Pinky is a source of inspiration for girls and women alike. She is a modern Indian woman who has carved a niche for herself while staying true to her values and traditions. Her story is heart-touching and inspiring while validating that when one puts their heart and soul into something, they definitely achieve it.

Just like everyone else her life also changed after marriage. Engaged at the age of 19 and soon married, Pinky was happily playing the role of a housewife until she went through her first miscarriage. The strong dosage of steroids helped her conceive but also bought along loads of weight. On her daughters first birthday, she weighed 98 kgs and was soon diagnosed with depression. It was her mother who identified her problem and motivated her to get fit and healthy. With a rage to shut people who enjoyed body shaming her and taking motivation from her mothers’ advice, Pinky went from fat to fit in a short time span of 8 months weighing 58kgs. With this came new-found confidence. She started teaching at an international school while pursuing child psychology simultaneously. Soon she welcomed her second daughter but this time was a confident mother of two.

It was her daughters who filled the Mrs. India form, post which she never looked back. Despite lack of family support and problems, she went onto to win the coveted Eastern Mrs. India 2016, Mrs. India Fitness 2016 and Mrs. Asia in 2017. Pinky believes that “everybody faces problems and challenges at some point in their lives. What matters is how well and soon they get past their problems. At the end of the day outcomes matter, problems don’t.”

She further went on to represent Asia at the Mrs. Universe Pageant and won the most prestigious title, ‘Mrs. Universe Business Lady 2017’. She has also been honoured with Samaj Ratna in 2018 and has been a speaker in Entrepreneurs Business Enclave, Mrs. Universe Forum at Durban and a keynote speaker for Lions Club and Rotary Club at St. Francis University.

Today Pinky is a social activist and the founder of Chingari Shakti Foundation which trains women in self-defense.
Having faced gender bias issues both at the workplace and home, she believes and promotes that women have to take charge of their own destiny. It is important to be financially independent and even more important to raise voice against crime. Her mantra for being strong is ‘Prioritize yourself, love yourself, and never think of yourself as being lesser in comparison to anyone.’

A feminist and a role model to many, Pinky urges girls and women to never doubt their capabilities, believe that they are equal to men and deserving of every opportunity in this world. She firmly believes that when boys are taught to acknowledge their issues and cry openly and girls are bestowed with the sense of capability, then we shall all emerge as real humans with real feelings.

A fan of Oprah Winfrey’s saying, “Anything you can imagine, you can create” and a die-hard fan of her mother, Pinky is determined to support and empower women from all walks of life. Being the brand Ambassador of Acid Attack Survivors, Srujna Foundation and Asian Abrams ambassador of the Sports Council of India, she aims to be the source of encouragement and motivation for every woman who lives in denial and self-doubt.

Her mantra for being strong is ‘Prioritize yourself, love yourself, and never think of yourself as being lesser in comparison to anyone.’
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Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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