Embracing change Since that’s the only constant -Anita Sachdev

How many people have you met people who inspire you to take up challenges as they come and reinvent yourself as you go? My guess is the number is small.

Well, in that case, you must know about Anita Sachdev. She is one fierce lady who has been embracing change and conquering it each time. She is a trainer and coach, offering life lessons and solutions to those who seek. Her ability to connect, guide, and be a sound facilitator has garnered her immense popularity and recognition from across the globe. She was recently awarded the 101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders by World HRD Congress and ET Now for her work and dedication. That only goes to speaks about her calibre.

Anita considers herself a rebel. Set in backdrops of the late 70s and early 80s, she outbroke community rules and went to work in an ad agency. She worked with numerous prestigious brands and clients, moved places, went global when an unfortunate accident changed her career course. This one incident took her into the enchanting world of spirituality and coaching. From being an accomplished marketing and advertising person, she went onto become a coach. An accidental career calling that she embraced with all her heart.

As she was following her new-found passion and training adults in communication, sharing, making people laugh, facilitating sessions designed to influence, engage and act, she also formally studied the art of Adult Education & Training from the University of Toronto. The quest to do more and in the search of what next, Anita started I’ve Made It – a platform for people who have it all but do not feel satisfied. While inspiring people and bringing meaning to their lives, she continued to study, do business, and manage home along with following spiritual practices. She mastered the art of doing it all and giving it to society.

Anita never focused on what she did not have, rather believed in growing with what she has and can achieve. This bold thought and attitude of hers kept her going from one challenge to the other. So much that at the age of 55 she made another bold move. She wrapped up her life in Canada and moved to India. With no network, no influence, and no contact she relaunched her career slowly and steadily.

As a leadership and transitions coach, and a cross-culture consultant for ex-pats and Indian organizations working globally, Anita has successfully helped transition lives from ambition to achievement. Her positive energy, courage, and knowledge have helped create a significant shift in attitude, emotions, skills, and mental wellbeing.

She is an ardent follower of Oprah Winfrey and connects to her ways of living life. She believes that just like how Oprah emotionally connects with her audience, Anita can connect with her clients and contribute towards their transformation. She believes in fostering relationships, appreciating, and sharing with the close ones. 

Anita says, ‘I always advise that one must add meaning to people’s lives by acknowledging what is significant to them, make them VISIBLE in whatever way you can. Because when people feel seen, they flourish and love you for what you have done for them.’

Kudos to the indomitable spirit of Anita!

Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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