An NGO with a difference-Neha Panchamiya

Neha started RESQ when she found a stray dog in need of medical assistance but due to the lack of it lost its life. That incident left her thinking and she decided to take charge of the situation rather than losing another innocent life. She launched RESQ Charitable Trust to provide immediate, sustainable medical care and aid to injured and sick animals on roads and otherwise.  

When Neha had launched the community in 2007, it was a small onsite rescue operation centre, but today it has grown into a full-fledged RESQ Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. It is one of India’s most active animal welfare organisations and Maharashtra’s largest citywide animal rescue NGO. Her team comprises of volunteers, employees, and doctors who work round the clock to provide medical care and assistance and on an average, tend to more than 250 animals per day including domestic and stray animals, birds, reptiles and mammals. Neha believes that people, in general, have an empathetic nature but due to lack of knowledge are unable to provide aid and care in times of emergency. She says, “When we arrive for a rescue on the street, very often, no one around is looking at the animal. However, once the team conducts the rescue, generally, a large number of people either remain onlookers or even begin to help us out. By the end of a rescue operation, it is common that a lot of people have questions about what happens to the animal next. We never miss this opportunity to educate people on what they can do next time if they see an animal, thus enabling this community to grow and become more informed and empowered when it comes to helping homeless animals.” 

Neha’s community has not only given a new life to animals but has also become a career choice for many, mostly women. What was earlier considered to be a young girl’s hobby or an old aunties retirement plan, has now been recognised to provide stable career and job security while offering the satisfaction of pursuing a noble cause. She is empowering women and helping many take charges of their lives. Her work has been recognised at multiple platforms and has been awarded multiple awards including Power Woman of the Year 2017 by the Times of India, Power Woman of the Year 2018 (West India) by the Times of India, Excellence in Animal Welfare by The Economic Times to name a few.  



Neha believes in peaceful co-existing and wants to help both humans and animals live cordially in a stress-free environment. Her NGO provides 100% free medical treatment and care for ownerless animals (both domestic and wild), conducts awareness and education programs to help reduce unnecessary animal suffering while minimising human-animal conflict.  

Neha has been an ardent believer in the saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and she has proven that a focused mind and strategic work plan are the keys to success, even in a different industry of animal welfare.  

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