A strong woman stands for herself and a stronger woman stands for everyone else – Shweta Shalini

Shweta was born in Mithila, got married in Ayodhya and then something amazing happened. Motherhood blessed her with Twins, Luv and Kush. She felt blessed, her sons were her sign of being uniquely different. She comes from a staunch Hindu family, so finding her path and her calling was not easy

During her growing up days, she studied in 9 different schools, in 7 different states because her father was in the army. The army background gave her an immense sense of nationalism. She was 8 when her father went to Srilanka for the LTTE mission and then again when she was in college her father was involved in planning for Kargil. Being the elder child, she remembers her father, giving her life’s lesson only to make Shweta more confident. He often said to be responsible like a leader and take care of her mother and her brother. Army men bring always gives a reality check, thereby making one strong enough to face any situation. Being the elder one, she heard many encouraging stories from the battlefield. Many lessons of how men in uniform would give away their lives on the call of their leader and how a leader should have a strong character, commitment and will power to face any situation.

She later went ahead for higher education and opted for Mechanical Engineering where there were hardly any girls and post her MBA joined a Swedish multinational as their first woman employee in their sales department, this was her biggest achievement and she gave the company a selfless service to them for 7 long years and earned accolades, promotions and lot of respect from the fraternity. This opened the door for many more women and today the company boasts of a great gender balance in the sector.

When everything was going just right, she decided to quit her long association to be an entrepreneur and launched multiple technology companies. In those days, she had some savings and started with a mere 30,000 rupees, which she had saved as my PF and building turnovers to the tune of hundreds of crores in a decade. Which truly is commendable.

Destiny was watching over her, and finally, her true calling came when she got an opportunity to work for the then CM of Gujarat and now Hon. PM Narendra Modi Ji. This is when she realized that one man and his vision can make a difference in millions of lives. She met Hon. Devendra Fadnavis Ji when he became the President of BJP in Maharashtra. He gave her a very valuable lesson and taught her to believe in herself, and spoke to her the importance of what would happen if, good people did not come forward into politics and cut corners or became mere spectators…bad people will stay and Politics will never change

Life moved on swiftly for her, and many realisations dawn upon her. The birth of an idea of social work was making its entry. She felt, that as women we are balanced, can multi-task, is more passionate and empathetic towards every challenge.

She felt the Woman Community immensely lacked belief, discipline, an ecosystem of opportunities and all-round support system.

This was the dawn of the new role for Shweta, she worked her way up in spite of her challenging situations, acquired skills that were necessary and worked doubly hard. She was a true example of a Women achievers, who tirelessly worked herself.
Creating a network and an ecosystem for it to be easier for other women.

These words of encouragement led Shweta to find the light she often sought silently. She finally found peace in helping her fellow brothers and sisters of the nation.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Women are half our population and backwards. Discriminating policies holds back 50% of our population from contributing and being a substantial part of the nation. She has always been a leader in guiding the women from all strata of life to take charge of their lives and progress.

Youth Engagement and Empowerment

She believes in the power and talent of today’s youth. No one can drive a change better and faster than the collective effort of the youth. She strongly affirms that its about time that the young should use the power of their youth to bring about positive, economic and social development. She has enabled a platform for the youth to be heard in the political system.

Enabling Entrepreneurship

She is a passionate entrepreneur at heart, and personally mentors entrepreneurs and provides advice to Start-ups. Her support includes helping entrepreneurs to network, find co-founders, build strategies for market and growth.

Sarayu Aarti

River Sarayu runs by the ancient city of Ayodhya and holds significance by finding mentions in Vedas and the Ramayana. The ancient king Rama was born on the banks of this river. She is a proud member of “Anjaneya Seva Sanstha” that runs the maha aarti on the banks of river Sarayu. This also connects her with the motherland.

Corporate Engagement

Through her various missions and volunteers, they are doing groundbreaking work to channelize Corporate Social Responsibility funds for measurable social impact.She is also a part of various Think Tanks nationally and
internationally that formulate policies for the future.

Societal pressure on women expecting them to behave in a particular manner tends to make them leave their careers midway. A woman who can support the needs of the family financially, socially, emotionally and happily becomes a role model for her children. She shows them that gender bias is created by society and doesn’t mean anything when a woman is strong, confident and sure of herself. The children learn from what they see. If kids see that their mothers are independent, they also understand the value of self-reliance and self-sufficiency in life when they grow up. Also, Happy Mothers raise happy Children,

Shweta’s msg to all Indian men and women is that women form 50% of the society today and it’s important for them to be a part of the workforce if they want the country to progress and prosper. In fact, she firmly believes that India will be a Superpower by standing tall on the firm shoulders of their WOMAN.

Shweta continues to inspire and touch life as she walks along. A few people have known her work as Head of Strategy during elections or her responsibility for designing communications for the party on all mediums.

Our the life’s journey she has picked up many experiences and is found penning those thoughts. She has received, praise for the love of her writings on social media platforms, a few appreciate her oratory skills(thanks to the number of times she has heard Sushmaji, Atalji or Pramod Ji while she was growing up).

People notice her hard work, in helping villages transform, this is a program where the Chief Minister has adopted 1000 villages. A lot of women look up to her as a milestone, a lot of youth connect to her story. Her journey and life’s purpose has now become to support people and organisations. She supports a few youth NGOs. People from UP and Bihar based out of Maharashtra connect to her as their daughter, it is heartening is to see is that all of finding her a true representative.

Shweta believes that she is a Thought Leader, a passionate karyakarta and the quote that keeps her going is what Dr Suess said,
“Why Fit in , when you can Stand Out ?”
…and that’s what I try to do in all my efforts and endeavours, I Stand Out!

Shweta looks up to Sushma Swaraj, as her role model.

For a long time, Indian society was limited with inherent contradiction. On one hand, women got celebrated as Shakti, on the other hand a conservative mentality chose to restrict women into their households. Empowered women were those empowered within the confines of the home. Indira Gandhi as an exception rose to great prominence with a family name and legacy going in her favour while Sushma Swaraj never had this benefit. In a way, she is the first self-made prominent women to breach the men’s arena and stand on her own.
What pride!

The following decade saw a slew of women taking upon themselves the mantle of leadership. Even if someone were to breach her benchmark and end up as first self-made Woman Prime Minister, that woman will still be indebted to the mark Sushma Ji left behind by making it seem within reachable for a woman. As someone who fancied self on her lines from youth and followed her fiery speeches in Parliament, I consider her my ultimate role model.

A strong woman has a warm heart and they continue to inspire lives all through.

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  1. I know Sweta from childhood. She has been oustanding in all speres. Her dedication & commitment has been exemplary. I wish her success in every field she choses. God bless my child.

  2. Firstly I ” SALAM ” to you I have to say you mam humbalely your biography is great and struggled some and inspiring to others specially for woman


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