What you feel you will attract – Nita

Nita is has many avatars to play each day,a mother of a boy, a girl and a dog, a Law of Attraction Coach, and a Poet. She often, likes to describe herself as a reader, listener, and an introvert and a highly sensitive, introspective person.

She was an inquisitive child,and always had questions about what life is all about, which led her to participate in a lot of different programs that she believed would give her a satisfying answer. To quench her thrist,she learnt healing in different modalities, but she was still not completely satisfied.

Nita’s journey had many interesting turns before she finally decided to become a Law of Attraction Coach. She had a career in Corporate Communications until 2001. As she welcomed her first child,she had to make some tough decision, and she decided to give up her career, to be a full time mom. As time went by, and kids were growing up, she started feeling restless, knowing they would soon stop needing her, and that she would feel a void in her life.

The feeling was uncomforting, she wanted to get back to work or something engaging enough, but the corporate world did not attract her. Meanwhile, to keep herself occupied she started a reading club, which in turn led to her club starting a library in her society.

She expanded the library into a literary activity centre, which was very popular. During this time, she along with the team that managed the activity centre, and a few more people from her
neighbourhood, founded an annual street festival, which is still celebrated every December. Being an avid reader, she came across many books based on the LOA – LAW OF ATTRACTION. The idea that can create your own reality, resonated with her completely. She began to find the answers she was looking for. She got certified as a life coach- specialising in Law of Attraction.

Having been certified, Nita set out on a journey to help those who needed her help. As most of us do, She took refuge under the social media umbrella and created multiple groups to teach, she called her group as ABEundance to teach LoA.
She has had many stiries, one of them she remembers fondly . Once, one of her clients came to her with a sleep disorder. She had taken help from well-known doctors, psychiatrists, dieticians, but with not much to show as results. Then she heard about her thru a common friend, and approached Nita. After a few sessions, a tremendous difference in her sleep pattern was seen.

Another client came to her with low self esteem and low confidence. She discovered that her lisp caused all her issues. After a few sessions with her, she was a changed person.

She designed workshops and personal coaching sessions to help hundreds of individuals and also conducted advance corporate careers, heal relationships, ease illnesses, and find joy in their lives. She is also a lead at a hyper-local community ‘Maa2Mom Kandivali’ with Jyoti Agarawal, the founder of Maa2Mom.

Her quote to inspire are,”Don’t look for love from others, because no one can love you as much as you can love yourself.”

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  1. It’s very right & very nicely narrated, in LOA meeting also she explains point to point & narrating with examples very nicely that one can understand easily.


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