The social drama and women How one lady is hell-bent on helping others learn the tricks of ‘Social’ trade

Ami Salva Hemani, a social media and marketing specialist, is on a mission to empower India’s enterprising individuals, especially women, with digital skills and knowledge.

She started Socialize Store – a training and mentoring centre in Mumbai to facilitate the understanding of social media and the nuances of social presence for brands, individuals, and professionals. Over the years, she has trained over 4500 people and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

She believes that we are living in a digitally disruptive world where options and opportunities are immense, but the knowledge to leverage these platforms is limited. Ami also thinks that every individual should be able to envision their dreams and grow, despite challenges. Hence, she has taken the onus to digitally empower women, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporates, students, start-ups, and everyone who finds the digital world difficult.

At Socialize Store, Ami and her team of professionals deliver interactive workshops that are customized to meet the need of the participants. Since no one size fits all, they ensure that every person who comes to them receives a tailor-made lesson and achieve desired results. They also cater to senior citizens and run special programs for them, because in this ‘smart-age’ they are ready to get smarter. Ami started catering to the senior citizens because just like the generation gap there was a technology gap that needed to be bridged.

Ami’s workshops include DIY Designing Workshops, One-on-One Digital Mentoring sessions, Personal Branding classes, and Social Media Marketing Workshop. The key focus in all these courses is on reaching the target audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and others. One of her most-opted courses is Personal Branding, where Ami teaches the art of building personal brands online and engaging with customers.

To spread digital literacy, Ami also works in collaboration with communities and groups. Her work has taken her places and has been featured in various publications, like, The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, Smart Indian Women, to name a few. She also teaches students about Social Media and what the future holds for them ahead. Similarly, she has also delivered talks on topics like ‘Women and Tech’, and features as a panellist on discussions around women and the digital world.

Ami has been well-recognized and awarded for her work in the digital space.

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