The journey from IT to Oven

When we are small, we are all in a hurry to grow up, and when we grow up we are stuck now, there’s no going back. Such is life …

Life seems to be then moving in a loop. Work- home – responsibilities – in repeat. We seem to be running on a fast pace making sure everything is perfect around us. So much so that we so often, tend to forget, many-a-times our key interest areas in life.

Such was the life of our star baker Yogita Kalsi. She was so busy attending to her responsibilities towards work and family that she almost forgot herself. Little did she realise that her true calling was in the kitchen.

Yogita had a stable and rewarding job in the IT industry. Balancing office and home, for 9 long years,before becoming a baker and an entrepreneur. Her work life was very satisfying,and she is a proud daughter to buy her parents a home. Which they are extremely proud of.

She had almost accepted this to be her permanent life when she met her husband during her work life and her entire world changed. Coming from a multilingual family based in Mumbai, she married a North Indian and went to Malaysia.

A new life and a new career was awaiting to welcome her in Malaysia.. Yogita got a chance to feel each day at a time, away from the hustle and bustle of life she loved her slow paced life. She was thoroughly enjoying the slow down and wondering what would she do. She found herself cooking, which she had not explored earlier, especially baking, and realized that she loved it.

This made her learn more, Yogita enrolled in a baking class. She spent two years learning the art and honing her skills. Once back in India, she further learned the art of egg-less baking from the Academy of Bakery and Pastry Arts, Mumbai, and soon launcher herself with the new brand YORO Indulgence.

Today, Yogita is a successful home-baker and she gives the credit to her husband, who helped her realize her potential and stood behind her like a rock. She says, “We usually underestimate ourselves, but believe me, everything is possible. You just need to look at your inner self, trust it, and provoke it such that you at least give yourself a chance”.

This 9-5 girl now had a brand of her own.She worked on her terms now. During the her journey of branding of Yoro Indulgence, she was led on to a what’sapp platform of Maa2Mom where she, met this lovely lady Jyoti Agarawal founder of the community. After a few months, Yogita joined them as part of their core team and today she is working as a Community Leader. The Best part of her journey so far. So life was wonderful after she decided to follow her heart.

Her inspiring quote is of , Katherine Kelly an English ector who once said, “It’s better to have tried and failed than never tried. You can rest easy knowing you gave it a go.”

Yogita is happy that she took chances in her life and made the most of the opportunities that came her way…


Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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