Sky is the limit – Karishma Chhabria

Yes! Sky is the limit for Mrs. India Worldwide 2017 titleholder Karishma Chhabria. Karishma is an inspiration for every woman who thinks that being married is a barrier. Karishma was already a mother when she went for the Mrs. India Worldwide beauty pageant in 2017 and since then she has been unstoppable. She was crowned the Lady of Brilliancy India in 2018 and went on to represent India at the Lady of Brilliancy International awards held in the same year.

A believer in the saying, ‘You have one life to live. Make sure you don’t just exist; you live fully each day.’ Karishma crafted her career path very carefully and assiduously. She started her career in the sky with Jet Airways as a Cabin Crew. Barely in her early twenties, Karishma realized that her calling was in the training and development industry. Soon she shifted her career from flying to training and development and in no time set-up her own corporate training company called Get Skilled Training Solutions. Young, bubbling and an established entrepreneur, Karishma got married and soon gave birth to a baby boy. But she did not let marriage and motherhood dissuade her dreams. She kept growing her company along with raising her son and fulfilling her marital duties.

Winning the beauty pageant gave her dreams a new set of speedy wings. Along with being a proficient Training Head, she was now also a beauty queen. This new phase in her life was all things that dreams are made up of. She knew that passion, commitment, and compassion are the basics of success and every woman has a hidden desire to be successful. She gathered all her experiences and started a pageant coaching academy called Get Crowned.

With Get Crowned Karishma started a community for women who need the push, grooming, training and direction to grow in the beauty and fashion industry. She helps women regain their lost confidence, hone their skills, enhance their capabilities, rediscover their potential while helping them break their own barriers. She is giving women a stage to restart their career and achieve more from life.

Karishma has also been awarded with Women’s Achiever Award 2018 and Entrepreneurs Award in 2019. Along with being a full-time mother, a wife, a coach, an entrepreneur and a beauty queen, she is a friend to all who need her guidance and expertise to grow in life

Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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