Necessity is the mother of invention – Dr. Bhavi Mody

Dr.Bhavi Mody, a mother, wife, a daughter, a friend, a speaker has been a great source of inspiration to many. She walked with confidence, to heal many lives, seeing small loopholes in the healing process, made her uneasy.

Being into health care for more than 2 decades, she had patients who would always look at free knowledge to heal themselves and where far away from reality, she hesitantly called it the google gyaan. This would often instil a lot of fear, anxiety and apprehension in her.

She also witnessed a rise of lifestyle disorders. These are increasing even as we talk. She is a strong advocate of small lifestyle changes that bring about a big difference. This gave birth to an idea to launch her own Community, wherein she could heal people with her mantra.

With the intent to provide a Holistic platform that talks about small changes and a platform to provide the right information from experts. Ensuring they give back “Your Health in Your Hands!”, Hence the group was launched.

The group was formed with the vision to bring about a change in the Health and Wellness domain. The idea is to be an umbrella of health n support and make it a one place destination for advise, content and interactions related to health and wellness.

Dr. Bhavi worked on very clear, mission and vision being to work towards educating
women to become Health Ambassadors.
To create awareness for small changes in lifestyle to bring about a big difference.
A holistic approach to Illness with Homeopathy, Nutrition and Lifestyle modification program. While her vision was to create a Healthy and Happy Society.
To Promote Health and Wellness.
To make HolisticHealth Care Services easily accessible and available.

Dr. Bhavi Mody is a Health Evangelist, Homeopathic Specialist, working relentlessly to cure health ailments in women and children while promoting overall healing. Founder of Vrudhi HolisticHealth Care, she believes in ‘Simple Sweet Solutions for Women and Children.’

Her subject-matter knowledge following her post-graduation in Homeopathy (Gold Medallist), and practical experience of over two decades, lend her the medical insight and therapeutic guidance to customize treatments to match individual needs. Operating out of her clinic in Mumbai, India, her vision is to provide Holistic Homeopathic healthcare globally.

Customised Treatments across Locations. She provides over 500 consultations a month with most of her clients being offline. Dr. Bhavi understands the time and geographical restrictions faced by many during their treatment and go beyond these obstacles to offer the best therapeutic options to her clients, online.

Dr.Bhavi believes in a ‘Humane Approach to Holistic Healing’ to achieve holistic health for all and to make it easily accessible and available her team works relentlessly to curate content, talks and events. She says, with concern, there is a lot of information available on Google, but it is not personalised and sometimes too much to comprehend.

It is a platform to ask your queries, doubts about anything to do with Health. We promote discussions and interactions in the community. As a community, we try to motivate each one to #StayHealthyStayHappy

We have the following activities under it:
#LetsWalk- we stress the importance on small activities that one can do comfortably. Walking is the simplest form of exercise. Zero cost and Great Returns!
#LetsBreakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts your metabolism, so if you are looking to lose weight or simply stay healthy, you can’t afford to miss your breakfast!
#LetsSip – Aha! Water the elixir of life, flushes toxins, radiates skin. For that glow on your skin and overall health have adequate water. Hydrate well!
#LetsSleep – find most people struggling with this one, unfortunately.
Sleep repairs your body, energies you, so hit the bed on time and wake up on time. It increases your productivity!
#LetsBreathe- Breathe you are Alive!! Mindful Breathing pushes more Oxygen to each cell and also makes you happy!
Along with these her experts roll out tips, share their expertise via the live session, videos, talks etc.

Women i believe are true Health Ambassadors, you educate a woman for these changes and the entire family is covered. Our Women are the Home Ministers and they are the ones who are in charge of the kitchen, they are the primary caregivers, nurtures and more. Our Super Women can do it all, thus we create healthier families communities and nation.

Every growing community faces a roadblock. Building a community needs immense patience, passion and perseverance. Getting domain experts onboard is occasionally a challenge, but Your Health In Your Hands! Currently boasts of having 25+ experts onboard.

Dr.Bhavi says, while it’s easy to start a community, it’s important to effectively sustain it. Also engaging the community effectively needs a lot of planning so yes doing all this effectively poses challenge as it consumes a lot of her time, but she is determined to make it work. Currently, they are making a difference to more than 6000 people, she aspires to touch 10,000 by the end of this year.

It’s constantly important to aspire and inspire here’s what Dr.Bhavi has to say,”
A Woman’s Health is her Capital ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe.

She has many awards and accolades to her credit.

Gold – Medallist at Graduation.
We Are TheCity Rising Stars Award India in 2016 in the Health and Wellbeing category
31 Women Achievers Award 2017
Hastakshar Self- Made Diva Award- 2017
M2M-Achievers Convention- 2017
PIFA award – 2018
Felicitated by Rajneeti ki Pathshala for her work for social well-being.
Nominated for the Advantage Woman Awards by ICICI bank.
Finalist at Orange Flower Awards – 2017 (For her blog).

She has been extensively being covered by media mentions, interviews and associations with women health platforms like sheroes,oowomaniya.

Keeping with her aim to create a therapeutic impact globally for women and children, she also promotes Health and Wellness through numerous articles, blogs, Vlogs, Fb Live, events and seminars. In addition, she also has over 50 publications in various newspapers and magazines.

An avid mental health enthusiast, her work in the mental health domain has led her to develop strategies for mind-body equilibrium. Her expertise and passion for good health have led to a vast number of reputed organisations reaching out to her for interviews and medical know-how.

Along with her holistic approach and customized treatments, it is her positive attitude and outlook on life that has clients always returning to her. She is a force of motivation and positive energy for all her clients, encouraging them to live a healthy, enriched and happy life.

As part of her social outreach initiative, she has conducted multiple camps for Osteoporosis, Asthma, Women and Child care.

She is a firm believer in the power of the net and uses social media effectively to promote health and wellness. She runs a Facebook Group – Your Health In Your Hands! That stresses importance on Small doable changes to lead a healthy and meaningful life. The group has a weekly calendar followed to connect with the audience and help them #StayHealthyStayHappy.

Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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