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Behind every successful woman is herself – Nidhi Pandya

Nidhi is synonymous with dedication and ambition to steer the journey of life with ethics, transparency, and next-level vision to grow together.

She started her journey at the early age of 15 when she started teaching kids and this was her internal self-motivation to take up this noble cause. A journey of an educator.

In 2014, after about 13 years, my family moved to a new place. That is when at last she could give herself some time.

She was consistently attracted online. She was quite enamoured by the digital space of Facebook and Whatsapp and how actually they contributed to the business. That is when Nidhi, decided to begin her own community to bring together people from various walks of life.

Just like any other day, the start of her journey was moderate however as individuals began thinking about us, we acquired energy and we became truly well. Tragically, because of a genuine contest, she left that group, and did not hesitate to begin a new community, said Nidhi.

Growing Buddies is a Facebook and Whatsapp community which intended to help individuals. They are a group of 15K+ individuals on Facebook, Instagram and 10+ groups on Whatsapp with new additions to the Growing Buddies families on regular basis from different parts of India.

Its a platform to showcase their talent and skills along with networking. Nidhi opened doors to everyone who wanted to grow the community. While, running this huge online n offline community, Nidhi took care to equally look after her family. That’s, when the team at Woman of Substance, says, a woman is a face of Shakti with multi-tasking.

Nidhi is a Gujarati, so to bring together all the ladies from her community she launched another local community called Glorious Gujjus. A moment of accomplishment sets in when she receives a gratitude message.

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