A strong soul shines after, every storm – Jyoti

A child’s early days are like wet clay, it has so much of importance on later who they become. Our community Influencer, Jyoti is from Lucknow, a city of food, literature, art and, poetry. No wonder Jyoti carries the poetess heart within her, and that makes her inclined towards art and literature.
She fondly recalls her early days, and say, they were a family of 5 and her dad was into the trading of essential commodities. She is the eldest and often looked after everyone, a sense of responsibility and maturity settled in her early in life.
Her friends back home in Lucknow call her the connecting thread, as all of them came together when Jyoti was home. The thought of building a community came together from these small meetups. Being a poetess, she was a dreamer at heart who wanted to touch many lives and that’s why she is doing what she is.
Often we have strange situations in life that lead us to do something significant. Her community Maa2Mom came into being from a simple thought, she felt the need to connect to mothers of different generations together on a platform, which is why it is called Maa to Mom referring to the mums of the young generation. There was a moment of struggled in her life, with infertility for 7 yrs and then god graced her with the joys of motherhood in 2011. After much prayers and wait, when we get something with a lot of difficulties, we realize how precious it is. Hence, a beautiful daughter was born to her.
Being a first-time mom there were always many questions and situations that needed to be answered. Staying It in London, way back in 2012. It was getting difficult for Jyoti to frequently connect to her mother for simple questions all the time. The time difference between India and UK, just made it difficult. It was in those times, the platform was created in her subconscious mind. Maa2Mom, with these thoughts, was created finally, in October 2015. Today it is a global platform that connects moms and today they have over 40k mothers. She says, with much satisfaction that feels like she has earned a huge family globally.
The journey to bring the community together was not easy. She faced huge roadblocks building this community. During the last 4 years of her journey, she faced lots of challenges. Slowly she started putting a team in place to manage the huge network of mothers. She smiles, when she says, that she is blessed to have a self-motivated team. The community is a digital community, where innovation is the key and often out of box thinking is needed to make it unique. The roadblocks will always be there and the only way to make an impact is keep moving.
She says, her strength is in her core team who believes in each other and is open to new ideas. She wants to make a special mention of her soul sister  Nisha Bairathi, who is from Delhi and has been a part of the community since the inception of Maa2MoM. She also takes pride in introducing her core team that comprises of few self-motivated mums across India, since it is a
digital platform.
She takes a moment to make a mention to her strong team members, from across India – Tejal Barot from Navi Mumbai a very focused lady whose touching more lives, Yogita Kalsi a Homebaker again from Navi Mumbai who is a very compassionate girl, Sonal Arora Gonga from Lucknow, a single mom and a very strong example, Anindita Chaudhary from Pune an ecopreneur, Celebrity Chef Gurvinder Kaur from Amritsar, a very powerful and a strong woman who loves to touch lives and is an asset from the community. These needed a special mention, however, there are many others who have contributed in different ways.
Jyoti says the community stand as solid support to all the mums be it a query or applauding for a talent. She says  We empower, we train and we seek support across the community spread over 20 cities.
Her heartwarming message, to all the wonderful ladies and mother, is, before you are mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter make sure you are, YOU !!
Jyoti, say make motherhood your strength and not your weakness!!
Award-winning celebrity tarot card reader, writer, life coach, Vaastu consultant, colour therapist, a handwriting analyst.

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