Coffee Table Book

We are proud to present you with the first-ever coffee table book under the aegis of Woman of Substance – Aura.

The making of the book is my dream come true, it is one that I have manifested and worked very hard on through my personal crisis. In such times, I am grateful to those who stepped up to help me selflessly. We have worked late hours, crazy deadlines, and multiple edits to make this a reality.

I would like to thank a lot of people in the making of the book and for rendering their help and support in helping me make my dream come true.

I am proud to present to you Aura, which showcases many such beautiful journeys and invites you to cheer them on along the way. An aura is an energy field that envelops, encompasses and radiates, and each of you has your own special and individual aura.

Get Featured !!!

Send us an email [email protected] and talk to us our team will be happy to get you featured in the next edition of the book