Book – Jennifer
Author – Nandita Puri
Pages – 226
Rating – 4.6 out of 5

A story of child abuse and adoption trafficking

An utterly gut-wrenching and unforgettable story of an eight-year-old girl who was illegally trafficked into the US, under the pretence of adoption. A story of both courage and survival packed in one. It’s a must-read for every human being.

The author narrates a heart-wrenching story of an illegally adopted child, Jennifer, who is settled in the US but is now being deported back to India; the place where she was born. Leaving her two little daughters and her husband, she is being moved to a land unknown to her, in the new continent with nothing but a garbage plastic bag with a few pairs of clothes and no money. She still manages to survive in India with the help of her mother-in-law’s contacts. With each passing moment, she stays in an illusionary world where she believes she will be allowed back to travel back to his family. But her life has entirely a different thing planned for her.

The author, Nandita Puri through her excellent choice of words & jaw-dropping description, takes us through the life of Jennifer, which is so gripping and full of heart-aches. The book is both alarming and informative, that it was difficult for me to keep it back down before finishing the entire book. It has moved me in indescribable ways.

The best part about the book is besides being so enlightening the story is intact throughout. I insist every person to read this book at least once. It beautifully unfolds the truth about all the children who suffer gravely due to the insensitive world we live in and we mostly aren’t aware of.

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