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Legends say, that every time there was unrest on earth a force came to settle the workings of Cosmos, the Supreme Creator through His inconceivable energies checks such forces at once.
The woman of today relates to the avatar of Goddess Durga one female energy of the Supreme Absolute who is known as Devi, Shakti, the unconquerable force. She is considered as the purest root cause of creation, maintenance and destruction.
It’s very interesting to know how this divine female energy (Durga) is mentioned in the Shiva Purana.
There was once a demon named Mahishasura, who prayed to Lord Brahma earnestly to get a wish, being happy with his prayer Lord Brahma appeared before him and upon asking he wanted a blessing, where no one would ever kill him no man nor any god, lord Brahma said thasthu and granted his wish ..
Before the cosmic creations, Shiva invoked Her from His left Half and created Shivloka with Her help. It further goes on to state the demonic son of Rambha named Mahishasura once created havoc on Bhuloka (earth) and defeated all the gods of heaven, endangering their existence. After hearing such events, Lord Vishnu discharged a huge mass of light from His mouth that merged into the similar rays emitted from the mouths of those gods. This powerful light morphed into a powerful female deity called Durga who challenged Mahishasura for a battle.
Mahishasura’s entire army packed with evil-minded soldiers such as Chikshur, Chamar, Asiloma, Vidalaksha, Durdhara, Mahahanu and others assaulted Durga at once. Armed with the celestial weapons, Goddess Durga took on all of them with her matchless brutality and beheaded Mahishasura who tried to kill her in various animal forms.
Durga is honored with devotion during the festival of Durga Puja in her ten divine forms kushmanda, chandraghanta, brahmacharini, shailaputri, skandamata, katyayani, kalaratri, mahagauri, Mahakali and Durga).
Durga with Her supercharged weapons slays all the demons torturing Bhumi (Earth) and liberates the humble minds from the clutches of evil forces. She is the Fire energy of creation and life, and the power of Lord Shiva. Goddess Durga has divine weapons that carry special meanings.
The Trident of Lord Shiva is the chief weapon of Duga which no enemy can escape, how much powerful they may be. Her Trident symbolizes the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. It is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons by the Vedas.
Sudarshan Chakra: It signifies the power of Goddess over the entire Universe. It was given to Her by Lord Vishnu.
Conch Shell (Shankha): Gifted to Goddess Durga by the aquatic god Varuna, It is the emblem of the sacred sound of OM  being the most embryonic sound of cosmos.
Bow and Arrow: They signify both potential (bow) and kinetic (arrow) energies of Durga. It points to the fact that Maa Durga is in control of all energies of the cosmos.
According to Vedas, Goddess Durga is a divine symbol of power, worshipped in nine different forms. All those nine manifestations of Goddess Durga are worshipped by Her devotees during Navaratri.
Day 1 Sailaputri (Daughter of the Himalayas) who is pleased by offering ghee n hibiscus flower.
Day 2 Brahmacharini (following celibacy) Is offered mishri and gladuli is her favourite flower.
Day 3 Chandraghanta (Having the moon in her necklace ) is offered milk or milk product and lotus id offered to her which is the flower of detachment.
Day 4 Kushmanda (Being the creator of the universe)
She is offered malpua and love Chameli flower.She blesses one with knowledge and  abundance.
Day 5 Skanda-Mata (The mother of Skanda, ) She loves banana and yellow flower,today is her day to please her.Karttikeya, born out of her powers)
Day 6 Katyayani (The daughter of sage Katyayana) loves yellow flower n gende ka phool n honey ..
Day 7 Kalaratri (destroyer of Kali) this is a phase of ma which is very scary, sweets made of jaggery is offered to ma and a unique flower called  Krishna Kamal. This saves you from a sudden tragic situation.
Day 8 Mahagauri (the wife of Lord Shiva) on this day coconut is offered , especially clean one and prayed to for blessing the couple with a kid. The flower that she loves if Bela and the family is blessed with health wealth and abundance..
Day 9 Siddhidatri (Blessing Siddhis and mystic powers) she loves til laddu and Champa flower.
Every year there is specific colour to the days of Navratri. Which plays a significant role..
Goddess Durga has always been a divine object for meditation, Bhakti, prayers and guidance since ages. She is deeply gloried by in the Durga Chalisa, Forty-hymn treatise that vividly praises Her presence, conquest of enemies, Vedic wisdom and mercy on the conditioned souls living on Earth.
Shiv Yogi Tumhre Guna Gaven | Brahma Vishnu Tumhen Nit Dhyaven says the Durga Chalisa meaning Lord Shiva and all yogis always chant her praise. Even the creator Brahma, the preserver Vishnu and all other gods of heavens ever meditate on her.h
She also appears in the form of Goddess Saraswati to grant wisdom to the sages and thus ensure their welfare. She is also Mother Amba who once accompanied, as the female energy, Lord Vishnu in His divine form of Narasimha to save Maharaja Prahlaad from the cruel hands of Demon Hiranyakashyap who attained liberation because he was killed by the death personified Vishnu accompanied by Goddess Durga.
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