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Spread your wings, it’s time to fly. Make the leap and own the sky – Capt Zoya Agarwal


“Spread your wings, it’s time to fly Make the leap and own the sky.” such a beautiful quote by MS Moem and it so appropriately fits Zoya.

Childhood is the imprint to what we conceive and conspire to become tomorrow. Zoya’s journey of owning the sky started at the tender age of 8, this young girl would run up on her terrace to see these flights passing by and aspired to fly the steel bird, one day. Listening to her, we almost felt as though she was conversing with the universe, soon to be manifested. As a child, she manifested to own the sky’s and stars and today she lives every bit of her dream.

In conversation with The Woman of Substance, Zoya speaks with immense conviction where she feels the universe is blessing her live her dream.

The internet was taken by a storm recently when Flight AI 176, an all-girls team did a 17 hrs 45 mins flight from San Francisco to Bengaluru via the North Pole, one of the longest flight that has created history to have travelled 16,000 km. Applauds and congratulations received by these wonderful girls.

It’s indeed a moment of self-accomplishment when Flight Captain, Zoya Agarwal proudly represents the country. Woman of Substance is extremely happy to feature Zoya in her true sense.

Zoya is a very unique name that means Shining and affectionate. Indeed very warm and humble she is.

Zoya was fond of stargazing and spent most of her time on the terrace of her house. As a child, she did not fancy toys or watching television but when she wanted a telescope, eight-year-old Zoya asked her parents to save up for it by doing away with birthday parties for a couple of years. After she got the telescope, her parents would worry that she was not like the other children in the neighbourhood.

“I used to just look at the sky, stargazing and spot the jumbo jets flying all over the place. I used to be very fascinated by the little flying objects and would be glued to their condensation trails and wonder if I will be able to fly one of them,” she recalls. As the only child in a family with limited means and a conservative mindset in the 90s, when Zoya expressed her desire of becoming a pilot, her mother started to cry. “My mother always wanted me to get married, have children, and look after the family. However, I was not one of those conventional girls or one to stop dreaming because the society around me told me not to do so,” she says very firmly and confidently.

Her passion and ambition grew in leaps and bounds when, after completing high school, Zoya pursued two full-time studies for three years. From 6 am to 3.30 pm, she would focus on her subject s at St Stephen’s College and then dedicated the latter half of the day until 9.30 pm to aviation classes. “At times when there was no electricity, and she would finish her assignments under lamp posts till about midnight. This was her daily routine, and nothing change it.”

Her hard work paid off. To make her dream into reality her parents took a loan to fund her studies and aviation exams. She takes a pause, and with a sigh says.” We try to hide our feelings but our eyes sparkle. A million-dollar smile covers her face.

Zoya is an inspiration to many and considers it as a responsibility to empower young girls to “dream and work meticulously towards achieving it because the view is best from the top of the north pole”. She stands every bit in gratitude to her parents for helping her live her dream, for loving her for who she is. She is happy that in nearly two decades of dreaming to become a pilot, she has made a mark, she has been able to turn her mother’s tears of fear into those of joy.

Little did Zoya imagine but as she rightly exclaims, the universe has opened its arms for her. She received her first award- Pride of the Nation Warrior Award by Chief Guest Dr Kiran Bedi – First Woman IPS, Ex-Governor. This was not it, she even got invited do a TED talk and to inspire thousands around her.

What Zoya, did in her journey was something very simple, she believed in herself and in her dreams followed it with dedication. We salute the passion, she has.

Count the memories and not the calorie Avanee Parekh


“Count the memories and not the calories”. Says, food therapist Avanee Parekh a name synonymous with food therapy. She is a practising nutritionist and dietitian for the past 21 years.

A 1999 pass out from the prestigious SVT College of Home Science and SNDT University, she’s also a post-graduate in marketing management from NMIMS, Mumbai. Avanee is a certified Fitness trainer too from Talwalkars Academy.

Understanding Avanee, as a person, is a happy soul gifted with a lovely family and a large community of clients who have trusted her over the years. She’s extremely passionate about her work and there are hundreds of instances where clients have benefited immensely.
She believes that their expressions are her true earnings.

With continuously healing clients, she wants to move ahead fulfilling her deeper desire of sharing the food therapy knowledge with the masses in every possible way.

Avanee has been a columnist and has written regularly for The Femina, The Afternoon, Men’s Health, and many local magazines.

Her clientele includes celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, the Hinduja family, the renowned filmmaker Mr J.P. Dutta, Eros International family, anchor & host Manish Paul, the legendary magician K. Lal, and media artists from the television industry.
Driven by her passion for food, she regularly conducts workshops for corporates, schools, and aviation training academies.
Avanee Parekh has also been on the board with Eurokids International, pan India.

She truly felt accomplished when her work was felicitated by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr Devendra Fadnavis in 2018.

She says, “Food Therapy by Avanee is my baby and I firmly believe that food must be used to heal health issues. Micronutrients have the power to heal the most chronic diseases. Also, weight loss is treated incorrectly just to make it a lucrative business. Obesity is a problem which needs to be dealt with systematically and scientifically, understanding the mindset of the patient.” She further says, “A good diet plan is not about calorie counting, it’s more about nutrient replenishing.”

The first six years of her career, she worked with hospitals like Lilavati and Holy Family at Bandra, Wadia Paediatrics at Parel, Talwalkars Gym at Juhu, and with Anjali Mukherjee weight loss centre at Colaba, Mumbai. Post that she started her own venture at Juhu Scheme and also practices at Nahar Medical Center, Powai.
Just like her passion, her centres too are growing. Over the last 21 years, she has treated more than 50,000 cases. Avanee is loved and respected for her knowledge and personal touch she renders to each patient.

Going ahead, Avanee plans to share her knowledge and reach out to as many people as possible through media, NGOs, workshops, and live chats on various platforms.

Avanee shares her life story recollecting that like many other women, she too has had her share of “societal pressures” to give up her career while she was considering marriage proposals. Being born in a Gujarati business class family, girls are given a good education, but when it’s time to choose a bride, families still prefer non-working girls.

Avanee thanks her dadi who that point stood by her and motivated her to pursue her career and wait for a matrimonial match who would respect her work and ambition.

She expresses immense gratitude to the almighty for gifting her a life partner who helps her to maintain a work-life balance. ” It’s patience, tolerance and faith that makes situations turn in our favour ” – she believes.

Avanee got married at the age of 32 years, which as per society norms, is a much more matured age than normal, but she choose to so that she could justify her work experience.
So ladies, hang on there! Don’t give up…

Indian women have been through societal pressures for the last two centuries being asked to focus mainly on household chores. But if we backtrack our rich history, we notice that women enjoyed equal rights as men and were nurtured as per their inherent talents.Hence, It should be our own decision about how we want to shape our lives and what we wish to create out of our learnings. For this, we need to stand firmly for our beliefs. There should not be any guilt involved at any point.

She looks up to her father as her role model. “He’s helped me learn the ‘Spider skill’ of try-n-try till you succeed. Dad has set an example with his way of living life.”

Life is a see-saw, some days are high while some days are low and on such cloudy days this beautiful quote uplifts her mood and she wears on the tigress passion to start galloping again…

‘If my mind can conceive it, my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it !’

Psychology of Colours


In the words of Kandinsky,” Colour is a power which directly,influences the soul.”
When earth was formed millions of years ago, was existed on the planet earth was colours in abundance. When we look around us,what is the one thing that catches our attention ? COLOURS ! The moment we look at something what registers in our mind is the colours in various hues. 
Have you ever imagined life without colours ? Waking up to a dark sky, no good morning sun, a black n white newspaper .. what would it feel like, dull isn’t it ? Colours form a very important part of our daily life, as it has many roles to play.
Talking about of psychology of colours,did we know that every colour has a vibration and can affect us hugely. 
If you didn’t know,many a times wearing the right color can make things work for you. Like wearing the right color on each day of the week, or wearing the right colour for an interview. Colours also impact our moods and energy level. In my many workshops,the focus has always been to educate one about the various colour and it’s uses.. Sometimes, how we feel is also dependent on what we wear, the colours we use in the house determines our moods, our behaviour, a brief chart below helps you understand.
Our entire psychology is being guided by colours. Taking a short tour to the world of colours helps you understand it’s true importance. 

Red :
Symbolising awakening red means power, energy, and a passion for life. Red is known to heal sexual difficulties and anaemia.
Wear red when:
Your energy is low and you need a boost.• You want to be more assertive and want to make things happen faster.
Do not wear red when:You are feeling nervous or feeling frustrated and angry with everyone.
Orange :
Is associated with vibrant health. It has the same vibrational frequency as DNA, the template of all human cells. This colour is known to heal shock.
Wear orange when:
You need to heal your emotions.• You want to heighten your creativity.
Do not wear orange when:• You feel restless or want to take a rest.
Yellow  :
A colour often worn by entertainers, because it makes them stand out in a crowd and confronts the challenge of being center of attention. Yellow is known to heal the digestive tract.
Wear yellow when:
You need to attend to details.• You are studying and need to keep your mind awake.
Do not wear yellow when:You feel fear.
Green :
Those seeking their own identity, fulfilment of their heart’s desire, and/or are searching for a new direction, are drawn to wear this colour. By doing so they are challenged to find ways of creating their own abundance. Green heals the heart, eases tension, and regenerates cells.
Wear green when:You want to see things from a different perspective.
Do not wear green when:You are confused about where life is taking you or you feel your life is stagnant.
This was a short glimpse of the few colours and their psychology, and how they affect us. In a world of a full of colours.
So the next time you either feel crazy or want to attract something you know what’s your trigger point.. Go ahead use the colours to soak your soul.
And remember “Colours speak louder than words,” Wishing readers a very happy Holi !

Evil Eyes


Happiness is a nine letter word, but come to think of it, our entire life revolves around this nine letter word. This word defines our existence,isn’t it ?  If we are not happy, we are not living right. So, many theories defined by the way we live, and what’s the right way. But do you know that there is no, one right way to live.Because our happiness is dependent upon a lot of times on our minds and our minds pick up emotions,and energies which is a by product of many experiences. 
Amongst these myths and theories, there is something we like to agree to disagree with.Which is an unknown and unseen energy, that’s dense and harsh in nature.
The concept of evil eyes has been prevalent for centuries, almost about couple of thousands years old, some even say about 5000..But there are many beliefs, let’s understand it’s been their since mankind strarted evolution to groups, and it started growing..
We have known of its existence, accross many cultures and religions and each of them treat it in their own way. Many discard their knowledge for sheer ignorance, and shun away saying nothing happens.But little do they know ,it’s very harmful. For those believing in science, it is  explained, as the flow of negativity that affects a person or an object towards which it is guided. 
In the Hindu tradition many simple solutions are followed to ensure that one is cleansed from time to time. While some believe in the salt and rai ritual ,others profess to burn chillies and rai some even do a kapoor ritual as well. All to attain cleansing of these harsh energies.
Children and pregnant women are evey substible to such harsh energies. They must be constantly protected, tieing of a black thread is a way to deflect the energy. There are many amulets now that are used to deflect evil eye. It’s even become part of fashion to include it on a daily basis.
In a world wherein we, live for social acceptance more, and we let everyone have a sneek peep into our world, allowing them to be jealous and envious. It’s important to maintain a private life, than make everything public.Come to think of it, we are so alone from inside, that we need a support on virtual company more that people around us .
Our gut, our instincts are like the antena in the body they pick up the unspoken vibes. So a golden rule is to seriously follow our heart, never disregard your instincts, if something deep inside you tells you something or someone is not right,hear it. It’s universes way of sending warning signs. 
Some simple ways to cleanse are salt mops, listening to hanuman chalisa..some hang green chillies, while some hang coconut. There are many beliefs around it. They feel safe and like to believe that they absorb the evil eyes. 



What do you think is happening to the world around us ….
It’s aligning to a higher frequency, a lot of changes is happening around us. A lot has lost its meaning suddenly. 
Our lives that were buzzing with appointment reminders, we had a list of to dos and errands,or were worried about our status on the virtual space, busy getting ahead in the race. Have all calmed down, everything is so quiet so still do lifeless… Indeed.We were so used to the habit of ignoring and avoiding under the carpet terminology of,”oh am busy” or “oh am stressed”. 
But this is one way of looking at things,while the truth is, it is the turning point of a century,an era has gone by. We are all adjusting to this new energy. Why don’t we make it worth while for us.. 
Seriously,think about it, we are all confined to our homes. A lot of family time but too much of it can also get boring.. Suddenly we have lot of time at hand, and with the restriction of going out. All the corners of our life and our homes are been visited…
It’s important in the process of carving a new future,” we need to declutter what we dint need.” 
In this process a lot of things comes out.. I know we get tight fisted if we have to chuck it. But over the years,with multiple vaastu vists. I have realised one thing,and that is,” discard anything that doesn’t spark you joy.” 

So I have a quick list of things,that can be upcycled and reused…
Let us first bring together all the things that we didn’t need, they then needs to be separated in two in boxes. 
Give aways and upcycled…now let’s look closely on rhe upcycled things.
1. Old Badminton or tennis racket can become a cute photos stand by adding few wooden pegs, it can even become a mirror for the girls room who play the sport. 
2. Old sturdy cartoon and some old ropes. They can be wrapped around the cartoon with the help of an adesive,giviing it s rugged look. This can store books, clothes or some random things..
3. An old looking glass converted,better with the help of some shells .
4. Old ladels n spoons coloured n used as decoration..
5. Old cookery books used as knief  stands , and kept together, for quick access.
6. An old pair of denims cut opened into various small pieces to make a smart bag,which can be decorated with small patches.
7. An old frame reused. If there is some net lying around you can secure it evenly and paint the frame to give it a fresh look.Later it can be used to as a jewellery stand or put pegs to add photos or bills.
8. An old brass object like a bowl ,  old kettle washed cleaned can be used to put potted plants or just as a decorative item in the house.
9. An old canvas board can be redone, by painting it with some random colours  and newspaper cut outs can be used to decorate it..It can further be enhanced by putting some pegs to hang keys or I’d cards.
10. This one is my personal favourite, everytime I discard an old run down piece of garments I remove the stone work or nice buttons from it. It is later recreated on an old lamp shade, a bottle, a frame , embroidery work on a new dress material.
11. Sometimes there is wood work in the house, and we are left with small pieces, it can be recreated by joining them together to create a small book shelf.. 
There is always enough and more to do, in the house. If you have an eye and little patience.Lovely things can be recreated out it. 
Upcycle is not a science, it comes out of carefully willing to manage things that we once cared for.
Go ahead explore your creative side and do send us your images. 
Remember,” Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.”

Cut the Clutter


This is today by far one of the most trending topics of discussion at most girly meet ups or a kitty.. and we try and palm of the blame to a maid not coming in time to help or we being busy,well to me it’s an empty word, it’s a word of avoidance being unclear. 
Decluttering is about removing the things we don’t want. It is the physical manifestation of the things we don’t want and of many unwanted decision.
In the words of Peter Walsh,” Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor- it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”
In my journey of healing lives, so often i have visited homes for Vaastu wherein I have heard people say, I have this , just incase I need it. Though we would want the life to be beautiful.,but it’s not always possible to stick up things for tomorrow or a situation,”just incase”.
One thing about clutter is that everything you keep around you will affect your energy so never underestimate the power of letting go of the things you don’t need.
Today instead of giving more insight on what Clutter is, I will share some handy tips on how to deal with clutter inspire of having a busy schedule..
So we start with the most frequented room of the house, from a corner. We take an empty box to being with put some nice music to keep stress at bay and hydrate ourselves. Then every item then gets scrutised.. sometime some articles are nice but we don’t need it, for lack of giving option we keep it back, this time we ensure this lands itself in the box to be cleaned and given away. Likewise we look into every item. Soon the place and selves start to breathe. There is space and enough space for energy to flow. 
In situations of clearing our closet, one rule must be applied is that first in and last out.Also the purpose of the clothes is to accentuate ones beauty. Therefore anything that doesn’t contribute must only stay. Also clothes have a revelation with memories, and feelings.Sometimes clearing them also means clearing some old bagages. 
Magazines and books also is quiet often stored in the corners of the room or a bookshelf. They depict knowledge,but a dusty bookshelf denotes lethargy, disrespect for knowledge. It gives out a message of highheadedness. Knowledge nmust always be shared, hence it must be circulated. Sometimes a book or magazine sits in our book shelf for days months, we have a perception we will read it but never even land up opening it. 
Over the years, in my counseling I have often said, “If you don’t use it, need it, or love it,it’s clutter.”A clutter is a state of stagnation. It’s in physical and and in virtual form as well.  
Sometimes draining relationship is a clutter on the psychological being, as well. Which needs to  be managed from time to time ..
If by now you have identified your clutter spots, then you have hit the nail on it’s head and the sooner you clear clutter around you, abundance is ready to walk into your life. Keep any resistance or negativity at bay. The next time u wanna hold back,think ..
Why do you need or what stops you from giving it away.. Sometimes instrospection goes a long way in answering some elementary questions.. and keeps clutter at bay.



“A healthy relationship is one where two independent people make a silent deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.” Isn’t it. .. I know we don’t solemnly pledge, but that’s what we do.
It’s yet another day , another week passes by ..A quiet evening with my cup of chai, some cool breeze over my face..a view of the setting down sun.. tik tok ..tik tok and time is passing by, soon its gonna be normal again. Life will get back to be buzzing. Must be wondering why am i talking about relationships today.. Well for all of you who understand Maslow’s need hierarchy theory this is the third need he specifies, that’s important after basic food and clothes and safety of loved ones. In spite of it being specified as the most crucial need to live, people have always over the years taken this need for granted.
As I blow my 40th year candle, I kind of started looking at this word with a microscope. Over the years its been my strength and weakness both. Strength because I have  the gift of the gab,and I connect not with a person,I connect with the soul. It’s said na a soul ages in experience, while we grow up in age. 
Recently, I was watching a new webseries,on one of the popular apps a story  about four friends. How beautifully shown, the connect the bond the true meaning of a friend, a relationship .. it’s beyond judging.. while I was watching,I perhaps connected to a lot of friends online, every one shared the same thread, of connectivity. But in real life,we are judged so brutally, one mistake n relationship is over as though we all have a stock of a couple of millions of relationship. Forgiveness,acceptance, compassion, doesn’t seem to exist in people’s life..  Sometimes,we feel literally pledging for a call,a message.. It’s not demeaning self worth,it’s accepting to self, that some relationships are beyond the ego fight.Like ,why should I call or nessage first. Hmmm … So many thoughts parallely racing in the mind 
It’s becoming such a cold place, so harsh .. Friends who hug n hang around are suddenly,so busy to call to give you some comfort or acknowledgement,a virtual comfort of  their presence. They say na,when your friends and people care they never make you feel lonely and abandoned.Hmn ..guess it’s mostly used to quote on our social media handles,and get some likes and forget about it. After all,who has the time to live by its words  
 Sometimes we eat n dine like long lost Friends and the next moment,oh am so busy to even answer a call. What’s happening around,I wonder the next demon is being judgmental, and how others experiences become everyone’s business and we proscute the other person, without even being aware of the situation…
Wow !  How educated our we, how empathetic are we… So quick to judge the other person.I often sit, and look around at people their mindset and the relationship, with my work  fortunately am able to a lot of times see through people. So many times, relationships drift away for lack of understanding and by being over critical.
Relationships are unique and are our blessings,as much as we need food clothing shelter,as humans we need to feel loved and belonged. It’s one lifetime, instead of judging people be quick to forgive,to understand be an example that touches a live, changes a live. That’s when we reflect our education, social status,and start becoming empathetic.
“Never leave a true relationship for a few faults, nobody is perfect, nobody is correct, in the end affection is always greater than perfection.”
Don’t we wanna say, with those twinkling eyes,”If only you knew how small things mattered,but we hold back,smile and move on.” Say Kuch nahi.. 
“Sometimes its best not to say anything,than to say how you truly feel and make things worse.”But the problem is this sometime, is every day most of us. 

Mental Health


 “People will always notice the change in your attitude towards them. But they will never notice it’s their  behaviour which made you change “

Indeed,we so often loose good relationships for being  over judged, or under the impression of “perception”. Two people have a discord,the one having created the discord goes n spreads rumours and the weak beilieve it, without  a validation of the  reason.

How silly isn’t it ? Did we behave like matured or even as literate … Am sure, a basic display of  their education n family values was not even demonstrated, by the ” matured lots” . Yes ! This is exactly what is happening,today with “age no bar” and “social status no bar” with most relationship’s nowadays being so frivolous n pretentious. It’s  during this lockdown  am  loaded with relationship queries,which it’s insane.

As it is people are scared, add to that a behavioural discord is the least we could expect. I don’t understand this concept of bitching, indeed such a waste of time n energy and it’s such a down trodden way to disgrace self. Indeed ,when we speak ill about someone we don’t speak ill about them, we give our introduction 🙂 remember our elders who mostly kept quiet, during n argument. They displayed a lot of ” maturity” in true sense.

Well so what is Mental Health ✨then ? Why is this term so regularly in use  #mentalhealthawareness has 75,69,811,posts on instagram .isn’t that insane and #mentalhealthillness has 32,15,979 posts . This is one of the trending topics as people want to find a virtual solace.

A lot of reasons prompted me to write on this topic.Being a healer my heart aches to see people breakdown to tears or get into an emotional trauma,just because we didn’t behave well or spoke right and took responsibility of one’s act. Moreover,they remain ignorant and unapologetic of the fact that they could have possibly hurt someone.

I mean, why is there so much of harshness, with ego.How hace we grwon so insensitive suddenly !?

Mental Health is a symptom that appears from  clinical depression,  anxiety,relationship issues , bipolar disorder. Let’s see what causes the mental health problems,that  may arise due to stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, death of a loved one, suicidal thoughts, grief, ADHD addiction,self harm, various moody behaviour or other mental illnesses of varying degrees, as well as learning disorder.

This term wasn’t prevalent till a few years ago,when we were growing up.. or even when we were in college. The only definition known to us commonly was lack of mental balance,which would lead anyone displaying it to an asylum.

This is the residual effect, of “being cool”, coping up with society n self expectations, trying to please everyone,in the bargain they start choking up oneself,because noone values it..just like a champagne bottle.. waiting to pop one day ..  and then there would be tsunami of emotions. Honestly,who is to be blamed, someone who suffered silently to make peace or those who inflicted pain,and wore a cape of ,”I didn’t do anything” !?

So often,my clients tell me,they feel like a pressure cooker, I know how it feels.

While we may find a hundred soothers to distract ourselves and fake us, the root issue is to take ownership of one’s behaviour, not judging relationship’s not abandoning relationship’s just becaue ” one doesn’t need it “.. One moment the relationship was very pally and the next moment m so busy..haha what shallow escapist approach 🙂

In this harsh words we forget to,value relationship’s n use things .. instead we value things n use relationship’s n dump them when they don’t feel the value is felt ..

The deepest pain is felt,when we deny our feelings to make others happy, then the others walk away as though everything was fine It’s about time we look after our friends,instead of burdening them with unwanted opinion be around them.

Happily Matters,”When we ensure our words,acts ,thought n deed doesn’t cause pain to anyone even remotely.” Time to wake up,to smile n make others smile.

Stay safe ..look after each other, please connect with your friends, don’t pretend you are not too busy,to bring s smile on your friends face, and to check in their well being..



“Sometimes you have to experience, what you don’t want to in life, to come to a full understanding of what you want.” 
We are all stuck in a situation,which is challenging and scary . Scary because, because we don’t know what lies ahead of us and where are we headed…Everyone was so busy in a rat race, no tine for anything just running around trying to create identifies, go about doing things so that in the virtual space. We could count the number of likes and feel accomplished. The sense of belongingness is eroding depleting from our lives, we don’t wanna acknowledge it,address it hence to avoid it we keep ourselves busy. 
It’s the new coined terminology,being busy . But I hear it as I don’t want to deal with it.Its so important to connect with oneself to see what do we really want. 
Recently history wad created, by over 100 crores people following an energy medicine guidance, to keep negativity at bay. This recent pandemic has suddenly slowed everyone down, locked us up in our homes like s cage ..  The underlining motive is to connect with yourself. 
Did you know what you did on 22nd March and why did you do what you did ? 
We did a few things together. We gathered in huge numbers, with one motive that is to eradicate the menace. We learnt manifestation with conviction of over 100 crore people. We came together at 5pm, the number 5 depicts our five elements bringing together of them. Then period in which it was done, was finishing of a phase and entering of a new phase of prosperity and abundance. At that time Moon is passing to a new ‘nakshatra’ called Revati. This calls on  Amavasya, darkest day in a month. All virus, bacteria and evil forces have maximum potential and power on such days. 5 PM- clapping,  shankh nada etc by 130 crore people at the same time will create so much vibrations that virus will lose all potency.
The Revathi nakshatra, it’s a powerful time we stepped into and lastly the power of attitude n gratitude was intertwined with the whole experience..  I get goose bumps when I tbibk of an atmosphere echoing with shank n thali noise,we stand with folded hands clapping. The gratitude makes it bigger,  and stronger. When we stand create a vibration that these micro organisms cannot stand.
There is a beautiful history and spiritual meaning of the bells,that is associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness. Bells are also associated with clocks, indicating the hour by ringing. … Bells symbolize beginnings and endings. Bells are pious. The cumulative vibration will encourage blood circulation in the body.  
It’s the reason they used to have huge, gong-like bells in old Shakti temples on the mountains. What  a feeling to hear the bells the claps the sound of togetherness the sound of the spirit of Mumbai,indeed commendable.
I had tears in my eyes hearing to this togetherness, we might not know each other but hot connectled in a jiffy. I am sure many of us, connected with this vibration  you must be having the same feeling Salute to all the doctors police govt officials workers etc who are working behind the scenes and making us help to get rid of this pandemic.For once the country united and doing something for mankind’s well being …. caste , creed , religion, status no bar. 
“There is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts.”Keep them calm n keep them positive.

Pic reference : photoxperts.. what an inspiring click ..

Brahma Muhurat


Rumi says,”Listen to silence it has so much to say “
The sudden break from the busy schedules, blaring alarms and horns has been quitened.As though nature wanted to sleep a little longer, rest a little more…  
Looking into the need of the hour,it is time we need to make the choice, do we want to sleep more or get up to chase our dreams. In this ever busy world, of proving ourselves, sometimes we forget to hear the inner part of us and we scream  silently, somewhere manifesting that everything would just pause. This is that extra time, when a lot is happening around us,with the making of history. 
It was just the other day,I was telling my son the importance of waking up early and how i spent most part of my childhood waking up early. That’s when I thought why not share it with my reader’s.Perhaps this is the perfect time to practice the power of waking up early, as when once life is restored we would hardly have time for anything.
Let’s use the power of, NOW. My memories raced back in time, almost 3 decades ago. Summer holidays was approaching, it was a nice weather when the transformation from the winter chill was happening , it was warming up. But morning’s and evenings were still not warm enough to my liking. I was excited to spend my weekend with my grandmother, one morning that is when she told me the power of Brahma Muhurat, which I will share with you. She said,”Bhrama Muhurat is the auspicious time that comes every morning 96 mins prior to sunrise to be precise,Or around 4 -430 am every morning. “
This time has a special place in our Vedas Purans and Upnishads as well. This morning time has also been called the creator hour. This is the time when the energy in the universe is at its peak. Maharishi Manu,also has expressed the power of learning or meditation during this time. 
What makes it very important is the intensity of energy and the law of attraction. It is very important to keep your thoughts focused on your goal, thereby taking care not to have any negative thoughts or intention against anyone. If the thoughts are aligned, the universe picks up the frequency of your thoughts and manifests it.
Since we stay in the western part of India sunrise happens around 6:20- 6:30 am everyday . All we have to do is tune our alarm clocks to 96 mins prior.
My grandmother says,”In our ancient scriptures it’s very nicely mentioned the importance of the time,often described as ,”kal” or “samay”. There are 4 kals our night is divided into, 6pm to 9pm is called the Rudra Kal, during this time we must not sleep, else our nervous system will be lagard. Therefore it was said, not to sleep post sunset. Then comes the 9pm to 12pm this is called the Rakshasa Kal, one must not be awake during this time. Therefore, in olden times people finished their dinner and use to sleep by 9pm. 12 midnight to 3am is the gandharv kal,when we are in deep sleep. This is also the time to slip into dreams, and it’s often callef morning dream.The period of 3am to 6am is called the Manohar Kal.During  this time one must not sleep and leave the bed.”
Students must essentially use the Brahma muhurat to enhance their knowledge. Anything subject read well,during this time stays in the mind,the body gets energy and freshness from the morning.
It’s proven in history,that during sunrise when the first rays falls on the earth, it creates a strong magnetic field,there by making it a very charged atmosphere. Can you imagine ,every morning you have the power to enhance your life, instead we sleep through it and later seek answer from the universe to enhance our lives.
Which is why Bhrahma Muhurat is very important, especially in times like today. It’s important to maintain the equilibrium of your mind body and soul. This gives us the power of a quieter environment, enhanced energy,and a calmer mind.
“Silence isn’t empty,it’s full of answers”.It’s time we tune in ourselves, to let silence answer what we often deny.