Frizz frizz go away

Every girl’s monsoon nightmare is frizzy hair. Do whatever, the frizz refuses to go. Almost every girl faces this issue but doesn’t dwell in understanding the root cause of the problem. So, let’s begin with understanding what exactly is frizzy hair and why do we get it.

Hair gets frizzy because of lack of moisture. Yes, you read it right! Lack of moisture in the hair and excess moisture in the air causes hair to become frizzy and lifeless. Even dry or damaged hair gets frizzy because of the same reason. LACK OF MOISTURE. When hair is moist, it lays straight on the head because it isn’t absorbing any from the atmosphere. However, when we do not give the due suppleness to the hair it begins to take it from its surroundings.

So, what should be done to tame those frizzies? Let’s find out:

1. Shampoo them right

Using the correct shampoo with the right ingredients is the key to healthy hair. Shampoos should not be drying; rather they should be cleansing and moisturizing. Choose sulphate free shampoos and look for ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, glycerine which are known to be natural moisturizers. These ingredients hydrate hair from within, creating a protective layer on the outside.

2. Condition yourself to condition your hair – always

Yes, a good conditioner goes a long way in keeping hair shiny, bouncy and nice. Always condition after shampoo and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes for it to work. Conditioners have been known to help keep frizz away. So never leave the shower without conditioning.

3. Oil oil baby

While many may argue that oiling hair is passé and boring but trust us, a good oil massage not only keeps the hair healthy, it also keeps the scalp moist. It is important to oil hair at least once a week followed by a hot towel therapy. By doing this, the oil gets easily absorbed in the scalp providing the necessary nourishment until the root of the hair. It is also important to leave the oil for a minimum of two to three hours before washing.

4. Styling products?

The market is flooded with styling products but do we really need to use them? Absolutely not. These products tend to dry the hair damaging its natural texture and sheen. If one has to use these styling products, then please do sparingly.

5. Never brush wet hair

Make it a ground rule to never ever use a brush on wet hair. Hair needs to be left alone for drying. Brushing wet hair will only break it and dry it further, inviting frizziness.

6. Healthy diet

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a good, balanced diet. A healthy gut provides the best nutrition to every part of the body, including hair. Food rich in vitamin C and protein is essential for healthy hair. And so is drinking ample amount of water.

Looking after the health of the hair is definitely a big task. With the help of the right products and a good hair care regime can go a long way in keeping them frizz free and shiny.

Latika Srivastava
Freelance Content Writer

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