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Creating the path towards sustainable living – Seema Buckshee

Seema is a source of inspiration and a means of progression for the underprivileged. Founder of Manjhi Development Foundation for Skilling, Seema started the center in 2018 with a noble thought and a larger cause in mind. She identified a void which needed immediate attention.

Seema used to work with Robin Hood Army where she frequently met and interacted with the children from the slum and BPL areas. She realised that despite not being educated, the children were sharp, talented and trainable. Quick to use this as an opportunity, Seema decided to train these young adults in vocational and employable skill sets providing them with alternate means of income generation. She outlined non-academic skill sets which could help youngsters become entrepreneurs.

At Manjhi, Seema and her almost all-women team provide a self-sustainable platform to people who can take charge of their lives and future. They teach sustainable business models which can help them earn a respectable livelihood. Currently, the organization provides training in tailoring skills under Project Saksham and art and creatives under Project Art and has over 35 women and young adults registered with them. Along with providing training, the team at Manjhi also helps establish and grow businesses.

Being the new kid on the block, the organization believes in taking smaller but effective steps for a brighter future. Determined to become a multi-skill training platform the team at Manjhi plans to reach out to people and government agencies for support towards their endeavour.

Seema is a big believer in women power and thinks that despite societal pressures and unrealistic norms women have immense potential to do well in any stream they chose. And this she experiences almost every day at Manjhi.

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