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Pavitra Tandon – Life isn’t about finding yourself,it’s about creating yourself

Pavitra Tandon is a self-taught artist, based in a beautiful locality of  Powai, Mumbai. Pavitra paints many untold stories with her strokes and paints a beautiful story.

She has had a very humble beginning, coming from a small town of Lakhimpur Kheri in UP. She is two sisters and she being the younger one. Her father was a chemistry professor in a degree college there. She very fondly recalls, her early days back home where they were a huge joint family with lots of cousins and relatives. The golden days of her life, which are memories to cherish.

For such a creative soul, can you imagine she was a science student all her life but art was always her passion and in her dreams? She is very happy to live the life of her dreams as she is able to pursue her dream today. She has made her dream turn into a beautiful profession today, inspiring many. In this journey, her biggest supporters were her family, her husband and my daughter. They are her biggest critics and tallest pillars, she claims with a smile.

She has received no formal qualification and never got a chance to study art, being her first love though. So 5 years back, in 2015 she took a step closer to her dream and launched her small venture called ‘Pavitra’s Artwork’ under which she creates art of all forms.

Art is not just her hobby, it’s her passion and her life. She love’s to do experiments with Indian art, wanting it to be as popular as modern art is today. I take pleasure and honour to do customized paintings on order, create home decor items like wall clocks, serving trays, decorative bottles, key holders, nameplates etc. I also conduct painting classes and workshops for all ages.

A note of inspiration, if you are waiting to start following your passion .. Now I am living my dreams…it’s never too “late” to begin,  after 16yrs of our marriage, she still is inspiring lives in her own unique way.

Her mantra in life is…Keep dreaming and keep believing in yourself

facebook.com/pavitraartwork instagram.com/pavitra_artwork

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