Digitally connected and empowering

The SHE Power Network is a community of digitally connected women working in the digital marketing arena, remotely. started by Anshika and Ruchita after the birth of their babies, this community helps women and women entrepreneurs understand the business environment better and chose digital marketing as a work from home career option.

Anshika and Ruchita started the She Digital LLP when freelance work in digital marketing got them recognition for their work along with with lot many projects on a regular basis. Since they couldn’t work on all the projects by themselves, they started looking for committed women who could work with them from their respective homes. They also figured that there was a price gap in the industry which needed attention. And thus, these girls started the company and the extension of which is The She Power Network community.

Today the community has over 8500 women including entrepreneurs, innovators, and business professionals. They also run two support WhatsApp groups – one for helping increase organic social media reach and the other for helping promote business.

The community also publishes a monthly e-magazine By The Women and For The Women where they, along with recognizing women for their work, also talk about the innovation in the industry, success stories and tips and tricks of the trade.

Anshika and Ruchita have been working on this with an intent to inspire other women to work and become financially independent. They facilitate women with free webinars, and courses on different topics which are related to every aspect of the business – finance, image building, digital marketing, etc. They are also trying to create awareness of digital marketing as a work from home career for women which will provide job opportunities and financial independence to many.

Here’s wishing The She Power Network community more power and success.

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