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Let’s do this together

Let’s do this together by Lubaina Bandukwala and Vineeta Kanoria

Maths. Numbers. Dreaded subject. Scary. These are just a few words describing maths for a large number of kids. Even before they enter school, maths becomes a mental block for them. And this book does exactly the opposite with simple questions like how many, how much, how far and the likes.

Targeting the age group of 4 to 9-year olds, this book of stories on maths is a cool and smart way to teach kids, both, reading and calculating at the same time. Simple language, relatable and easy to understand stories enable both the parents and the kids to do the maths sums in a fun and interesting way. The stories can also help children put problems into words and try and think solutions, helping build their self-confidence. Illustrations make it even more interesting and fun.

You can get the book at    https://www.amazon.in/Lets-Do-This-Together-Stories/dp/8184621620

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