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Ikigai -A reason to jump out of bed every morning.

This book is based out of principles of people living in Okinawa, an island in Japan. It is known that the people of Japan have the longest life expectancy in the world. And here we get insight into the Japanese lifestyle and the reason for their longevity. All the process is described in the detailed form with suitable examples, helping us to follow them easily!

The word ikigai derives from iki, meaning life and kai, meaning the realisation of hopes and expectations. The entire book is based on different concepts through which we can obtain our ikigai, in other words, our reason for existence and finding joy in all the things which we do in our regular day to day life. The authors talk about how the positive mindset, food and exercise and meditation, are such an important part of our daily life. Meditation helps us in achieving the stability in our mind through which we can achieve any desired result in our life, we can rewire all our negative thoughts into positive. Ultimately, leading us to one step closer to finding our Ikigai of life.

There are five places in the world where people have the longest life-span which is well detailed in the book. It is interesting to know all about these people as they are set as an example for us on how we can, too, live long and happy lives. The authors have spoken about the different therapies which we can imply on our life from the ease of our home as it is so well-versed with suitable illustrations.

For me, the book was very compact, thoroughly explained with appropriate examples, enough to move me from my place and follow their practice of obtaining the Ikigai in my life. It is inspiring and motivating and absolutely to the point. It is always great to share real-life stories, which help us human to relate to and get inspired easily because you can feel the connection. I would recommend this book to everyone who is struggling to start from somewhere. Obviously, a person can dive deeper into any topic of their choice, but this book sets the base.

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